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Fishing Reviews and Interviews

dock talk blog Fishing Reviews and Interviews

Here you will find our interviews with lodges, guides and interesting fishermen and fisherwomen, who fish the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada.

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Northeast Fishing Directory

07 08 29 Bear Lake 27 Northeast Fishing Directory

Here you will find our selective "juried" directory of fishing guides and places to stay in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada.

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Go Fishing Here

rsz_fishing 957766_960_720 Go Fishing Here

Here you will find our selective list of Northeastern US and Eastern Canada lakes, rivers and streams that we recommend.

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Bucket List Trip Directory

fishing boats 848214_960_720 Bucket List Trip Directory

Here you will find our top Bucket List fishing lodge and guide destinations in the rest of the United States and Canada.

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Tell Us About Your Latest Fishing Vacation

How was your last fishing trip? We would love to hear about it. From sharing pictures to interviewing you about the trip, we are constantly doing research to help other fishermen planning their next fishing vacation. Email chris@gofishingnow.com or message us through Facebook so that we can get your fishing stories on Go Fishing Now.

Massachusetts Fishing Social Media Directory

The home of the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, Massachusetts is also home to some really good freshwater fishing options. So, we are always looking on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for fishermen and fisherwomen who can help educate us about fishing in Mass. Here are some of theem that we found who we really like.

Davi Lopes

Davi Lopes or @fishingoneonone at Twitter describes himself as an "Amateur fisherman trying to learn and teach as I go. Showing the life of a regular guy who enjoys fishing and doesn't do it professionally." He fishes Massachusetts with largemouth bass appearing to be his favorite target.

FishAholic Fishing

New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York are the major freshwater and saltwater fishing grounds for FishAholic Fishing. But FishAholic Fishing will go anywhere the fish are biting producing quality videos as part of their travels. I have become a bit addicted to their videos lately. Great stuff on a lot of waters and areas not always considered for a fishing trip.

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