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Get To Know Davi Lopes from Massachusetts

posted on September 6, 2016
davi lopes 003 Get To Know Davi Lopes from Massachusetts

Davi Lopes was one of the first people I noticed when starting the Go Fishing Now Twitter account. I love how he transparently discusses his progression as a fisherman in 140 characters or less every time. Happy that Davi agreed to tell us about his fishing journey without the character limits.

GFN: Your profile states you are a fisherman trying to "learn and teach as you go". How long have you been fishing seriously and what got you started in the sport?

I've fished all my life, ever since I was a little boy my dad and grandfather would always take us fishing in Brazil. When I was 15 we moved to the United States and for about 12 years I didn't do much fishing. This year I became friends with a few guys that love fishing and that sparked my love for the sport again. Bass fishing is very different than what I used to do in Brazil. So now I read tons of articles and watch YouTube videos to learn and become a better fisherman.

GFN: At this point in your fishing career, what have been the most important lessons you have learned about fishing that you think others should know?

You must be patient. If I had to give someone only one advice that would be it. If I was not patient I would've never caught my personal best this year. Sometimes you might not catch anything the whole day so you really have to be patient and not give up. The day you go out and catch a lot of fish will make everything worth it. So be patient and keep fishing.

GFN: What areas of fishing are you currently working to improve?

The first area I worked on this year was my topwater game, specially the frog. I missed so many fish because I wouldn't wait long enough before setting the hook. I feel very confident fishing the frog today. Now I'm currently working on learnings how to properly use a jig and plastics. Specially now during the summer months when the fish go deep to hide from the sun.

GFN: You have been posting a bunch of impressive largemouth on your Twitter page lately. What do you consider your home waters and what makes each of them special?

My home waters are definitely the lakes and ponds i've been fishing in Massachusetts. Specially the A-1 in Westborough MA. I fished there for about 2 months in a row 3 times a week so I'm pretty confident now fishing there. I love that reservoir because of the topwater hits I get there every time I go there. The smallest fish I caught there was a 2lber. The largest one so far was a 4lber.

davi lopes 001

GFN: What is your personal best largemouth and what is the story behind it?

My personal best was a 6lb bass I caught on Whitehall pond in Rutland, MA. It was a sunny day back in May. We were heading out and on the way to the boat ramp I decided to throw a senko along the shore where a beaver had chopped a lot of trees and the trees were all in the water along the entire shoreline. All I was doing was casting as close to the trees as possible and waiting for the senko to hit the bottom. Then I would reel it back and cast again. At first I thought I was tangled in the branches underwater but soon enough the bass came up and jumped. I was shocked when I saw how big that fish was and worked it really slow so the line wouldn't break because I really wanted to put that fish in the boat. 2 minutes felt like an eternity but I finally grabbed that huge bass by it's mouth and pulled it into the boat.

GFN: I see an inflatable raft in some of the photos. Describe for people what your experience has been fishing out of a raft.

The big advantage is definitely being able to put it in the trunk of a car and go anywhere you want. It is so easy to inflate it too. It takes 5 minutes and anyone can carry it and put it in the water.

The disadvantage is because it is so light any breeze will take it away from the spot you want to fish. I have an anchor but sometimes it is a little overwhelming having to drop the anchor and pull it back up every time you want to go to a different spot. But it is definitely better than fishing from the bank.

GFN: I know you have some plans to get going on YouTube. What are those plans and where are you at with that?

I plan on launching the YouTube account soon. Just to post tips and teach the beginner angler how to use different types of lures. It wouldn't be a video per week kind of channel but I really want to get people informed and hopefully help them avoid some of the mistakes I made. Right now I have enough footage for a few videos. What I lack is the time to edit them. Because honestly with wife, kids and work, I rather fish on my free time instead of editing the videos.

GFN: Whether on a new YouTube channel or on his Twitter page, I will be following as Davi is learning and teaching others about fishing.

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