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Interview with Ontario's Michael Colangelo

posted on October 6, 2016
michael c 02 Interview with Ontario's Michael Colangelo

Had the opportunity to talk Ontario fishing with Michael Colangelo. Michael is an avid fisherman and shares his thoughts about bass fishing in the Province.

GFN: I did an interview with your friend and fishing partner Peter back in August. How long have you guys been fishing together? And what is a day on the boat with the two of you like?

Just finished our second year together. A day on the water for us is always fun. Sometimes when one of us are not on our A game the other guy is. And that's important to bring fish in the boat.

GFN: What strengths do each of your bring that compliment one another on tournament day?

Because the both of us think so different when it comes to fishing we are always sharing ideas and different ways to catch fish. I'm a huge fan for flipping and pitching largemouth bass in the thick stuff while my partner is really good at reading his graphs and fishing for smallmouth in the open water.

GFN: What do you consider your favorite waters and what makes them special to you?

My favourite waters would have be Lake Simcoe. Having a cottage on the lake for the last 5 yrs has made it easy to me time to fish it. Simcoe is particularly special to me cause I landed my personal best 6.14lb largemouth this year!

GFN: If Ontario sets a regulation next year that each fisherman can fish for only one species for the year, which species are you fishing for and why?

Largemouth Bass! To me bass is always a challenge! Nothing beats picking small pockets in pad beds or fallen trees and pitching a jig in it, and feeling the little tick on your line or seeing your line go sideways! Then setting the hook!

GFN: Who are your sponsors and what do you love about representing them?

I love representing My sponsors.

Ardent Reels: With their light weight and amazing casting ability

Lake Fork Trophy Lures: Have been a huge part of my fishing success this year with there soft plastic bait "flipper" and their magic shad swim bait.

Rod Sox: Best rod protection out there.

Nato Strap Collections: Always get to rock new waterproof watch bands!
All my sponsors are a huge part in the fishing industry and I'm happy to be apart of their prostaff.

GFN: How are you liking your first season with your Stratos? What adjustments have you made to your fishing now that you are fishing out of the bass boat?

I'm really enjoying to fish out of the Stratos 285 Pro Elite. I've always fished as a non boater in club tournaments or out of a 16 foot aluminum recreationally. Now having the Stratos I can get into really skinny waters that others wouldn't want to fish or even getting to spots that were just too far for the tinny.

GFN: Any off season upgrades to the boat on your Christmas list this year?

Over the winter I plan on upgrading my 3 graphs , power poles, a few small cosmetic things and possibly a wrap.

GFN: So, you took your beautiful wife out on the boat and she outfished you. Should you consider replacing Peter with her as your tournament partner? Also, is it true that your first date was fishing? What advice do you have for the single fisherman out there about using fishing as a first date?

My first date with my wife was 10 yers ago, and yes it was a fishing date. Our first telephone conversation she told me she had a cottage in the Kawarthas. So I figured how perfect of an ice breaker a fishing day would be. My advice to any single fishermen or fisherwomen would be, if you want to go on a first date on the water fishing, make sure they are somewhat outdoorsy. And if they are, then most likely their keepers! My wife usually outfishes me. Not sure if it's her patience or maybe she's just a better angler =).

GFN: Thank you Michael. Great interview. You can follow Michael on Instagram.

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