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Here you will find our interviews with lodges, guides and interesting fishermen and fisherwomen, who fish the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada.

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How was your last fishing trip? We would love to hear about it. From sharing pictures to interviewing you about the trip, we are constantly doing research to help other fishermen planning their next fishing vacation. Email chris@gofishingnow.com or message us through Facebook so that we can get your fishing stories on Go Fishing Now.

2 guys fishing 001 480x480 Interview with 2 Guys Fishing

Interview with 2 Guys Fishing

Did you ever check out someone's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and instantly think that it would be cool to fish with that person? That is my basic rule for who I interview here at Go Fishing Now.

When I found 2 Guys Fishing, I thought "Damn, these guys seem cool and they know how to catch fish." Then I learned that they fish the Rideau and St. Lawrence River. I knew then I needed to find out more about 2 Guys Fishing.

I, perhaps, was secretly hoping for an invite to come north across the border and go fishing with them. Haha. While I didn't get the invite, I did learn more about these two very cool fishermen. I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I did.

2guysfishing 00

GFN: So tell us about who are 2 Guys Fishing.

2 Guys Fishing consists of Shawn Dillabough and Larry Cardinal. The idea was to go pro video from our trips of the stupid guy conversations that are had while in a boat for hours. And of course video of us catching the odd fish...lol.

GFN: What are the fishing talents that each of you have?

Shawn: I'm a power fisherman but when it comes to Bass I would consider myself a finesse specialist.
Larry: I'm a top water guy. That's my niche.

GFN: What do you consider your home waters?

Our home waters would definitely be the St.Lawrence River and the Rideau River.

GFN: Which is your favorite and why?

Shawn: My favourite would be the St.Lawrence first and then the Rideau. The St Lawrence has way bigger Pike and Musky.

Larry: I'm the opposite I prefer the Rideau over the St.Lawrence because the top water action is way better.

GFN: When I look at your Facebook and Instagram, I see a lot of different species including bass, northern pike, walleye and muskie. What do you consider your favorite species to target and why?

Shawn: I'm an Esox guy! Pike and just recently in the last two years Musky all the way. When an aggressive Pike or Musky grabs your lure and then just goes berserk there's nothing like it.

Larry: Largemouth Bass for me, nothing like exploding top water and then fighting them through the weeds.

2 guys fishing 00

Shawn, I see that you caught your first muskie a couple of years ago, tell us about catching that one.

Catching that Musky is a funny story. My buddy Matty and I went out that night. I had every intention of fishing for Musky but I had some serious tackle issues and it was my first time actually targeting Musky specifically. I gave up on the Musky and told Matty "let's just fish for some pike, this isn't working out".

So we just slid into a back bay and we were casting normal sized Rapalas for Pike and then I got that Musky. Only had medium tackle and was not prepared but I managed to get it in after about 10min. We gave it a quick weight and then put it back. I think it was around 13lbs if I remember correctly. Matty was so happy for me, he actually bought me this cool fishing magnet. I've got it on my toolbox in the garage.

GFN: I see you fish with your kids. What advice do you have for people who fish with their kids?

Ya we love fishing with our kids. It's cool to see there eyes light up when they get a bite. Best advice would be to be patient and find a spot that you know they will catch something so they don't get bored. Size doesn't matter to kids. Its all about quantity.

GFN: If I gave you an all-expense paid trip to fish anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go?

Shawn: Northern Saskatchewan. There are trophy Pike lakes up there where it's only catch and release and you can literally catch 20lb Pike all day long.

2guysfishing 00

Larry: As much as I love fishing bass, I would have to agree with Shawn on the pike trophy lakes. That would be intense pulling in 20+ pound pike all week.

GFN: A caption on one of your photos is “Another real beast tonight!!! Damn I love fishing!!!” Why do you love fishing so much?

I think we love fishing so much because of the unknown. All the planning in the world and still something unexpected always happens. Prime example is Larry's monster Walleye. We were in a prime location Drop shotting for Smallmouth Bass and what do you know, a 11lb Walleye. That's the kinda stuff that keeps us going back out on the water.

GFN: Shawn and Larry of 2 Guys Fishing are two of the reasons I do this blog and interview fishermen with such great enthusiasm for the sport. I am already thinking of a follow up interview for both of them about Rideau and St. Lawrence fishing techniques to steal some of their knowledge. Until then please check them out on their social media.

2 Guys Fishing on Social Media

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