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Fishing Reviews and Interviews

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Here you will find our interviews with lodges, guides and interesting fishermen and fisherwomen, who fish the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada.

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Northeast Fishing Directory

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Here you will find our selective "juried" directory of fishing guides and places to stay in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada.

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Here you will find our selective list of Northeastern US and Eastern Canada lakes, rivers and streams that we recommend.

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Bucket List Trip Directory

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Here you will find our top Bucket List fishing lodge and guide destinations in the rest of the United States and Canada.

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Tell Us About Your Latest Fishing Vacation

How was your last fishing trip? We would love to hear about it. From sharing pictures to interviewing you about the trip, we are constantly doing research to help other fishermen planning their next fishing vacation. Email chris@gofishingnow.com or message us through Facebook so that we can get your fishing stories on Go Fishing Now.

Go Fishing Now in Southeastern Ontario!

brennan smallmouth Go Fishing Now in Southeastern Ontario!

Southeastern Ontario provides Canadian accessible fishing opportunities for anyone in the Northeast. In general, this area of Ontario is not the place where you are going to have 100 fish days on a routine basis (you may have a few). The fishing of Southeastern Ontario is still very much worth the trip. Many of the lakes have fishing that most folks south of the border wish they had in their home State.

Muskie, northern pike and smallmouth bass should top the list of reasons to head to Southeastern Ontario. Many waters still have healthy populations of walleye.

This area of Ontario may be one of the most underrated largemouth areas in North America. You are not going to find the Florida 10lbers but many lakes have a lot of solid 4lb+ fish.

You can also find good crappie, panfish, sturgeon and trout in many of these Ontario waters.

Alpine Resort

Alpine Resort
website | map it | (905) 352-2621 | 449 Island View Rd., Roseneath, Ontario  K0K 2X0

After a lot of research on the many Rice Lake fishing camps, it became quite clear that Alpine Resort is our choice to list in our juried directory. A number of things impress us about Alpine Resort and their strong reviews give a strong indication that this is a great place to stay when visiting Rice Lake for an Ontario fishing trip. Rice Lake's 22,000 acres of water provide multi-species fishing options with anglers targeting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, and muskie as gamefish. Panfishing is also popular for perch, crappie and bluegill. Alpine Resort offers 2, 3 and 4 bedroom housekeeping cottages on the Lake. they also have camping as an option. The Resort is in Ontario's Northumberland County about an hour and a half east of Toronto right above Lake Ontario and about 3 hours of west of Ottawa. Alpine Resort has a number of different boat types including fishing boats with 10hp motors, bass boats and pontoon boats. Your boat can be docked there for a fee. So if you are looking for an option on Rice Lake, we suggest you visit Alpine Resort's site to see for yourself all that they offer.


Brennan Harbour Resort

Brennan Harbour Resort
website | map it | 888-231-1199 | 308 Brennan Harbour Road, Spanish, Ontario 

Prior to Go Fishing Now, I operated a small blog called Fishing Traveler. That blog focused on the top places to fish in Ontario. Brennan Harbour Resort was one of our top picks then and since that time of the blog, the reviews have only indicated that Brennan Harbour is now better than ever. While I have never fished there, a friend of the Fishing Traveler blog did. He emailed us with pics immediately after he got back telling me how great Brennan Harbour was. You can find his report on their website, which gives a great and honest report of his trip with his son. Brennan Harbour provides a variety of accommodation options from full Housekeeping to full American Plan. Their options of boat rentals are quite impressive. You will be fishing for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and jumbo perch. You have two bodies of water to choose from with their location on the Whalesback Channel of Lake Huron and at the mouth of the Spanish River. You will be able to tell right away from their website that this is a quality place. With a little more research, you will read review after review that this is a place deserving of your next fishing vacation.


Dwindle's Dream Fishing Charters

Dwindle's Dream Fishing Charters
website | | Ontario 

Rick & Chris Dwinnell are a father and son charter fishing team also known as "The Salmon Guys". However you refer to them, they can provide you with a day of salmon fishing fun on Lake Huron. Rick & Chris are based out of Kincardine, Ontario. One of the things we love about their site is how much they promote getting the entire family into fishing, regardless of everyone's fishing level. Dwindle's Dream Fishing Charters is a full-time 7 Day a Week Operation. They have been in business since 1988. They target Chinook, Coho Salmon, Rainbow, Brown and Lake Trout. You might even occasionally hook into a Pink Salmon, Walleye or Perch but these are not the focus. You will be doing your fishing on a 30' Reinell Fly Bridge Sport Fisherman Vessel. This is a big boat to handle the water and your needs. They are one of the few charter services that we know of that actually posts their success rates online. They have never been lower than a 95% rate and that was way back in 2008. There are never any guarantees with fishing but with these guys your odds are quite high to walk away with fish. They run both half and full day charters depending on what you are looking for. We don't know Rick and Chris personally but based on everything we read, they seem like professional fishermen that will go out of their way to provide a safe and rewarding fishing trip on Lake Huron.


Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages

Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages
website | map it | 855.337.2675 | 903 McRae-Hay Lake Road, Whitney, Ontario 

When evaluating a place for inclusion in our directory we have many criteria. One of those criteria is how they respond to complaints or bad reviews. Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages rarely gets a bad review, in fact we could only find one out of the ton of amazing reviews that we read. But their honest, non-blaming, straightforward response to the review spoke volumes to the level of professionalism and quality that leaves the vast majority of their customers very satisfied. Their response, the amazing reviews we read, their service and their access to great fishing all work together to make Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages one of our selected listings for Southeastern Ontario. Hay Lake Lodge sits next to Algonquin Park. They are on the eastern shore of Hay Lake. The Lake itself holds lake trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and walleye. Additionally, Algonquin Park provides seemingly endless additional fishing opportunities. While the cabin rentals are technically housekeeping style accommodations, you get a complimentary breakfast that is delivered to your cabin, which is a great way to start your day. To say we are impressed what we have found about Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages is an understatement. This looks like a very special Algonquin vacation destination.


Hidden Cove Cottage Resort

Hidden Cove Cottage Resort
website | map it | (613) 474-3284 | 2040 Hartsmere Road, McArthurs Mills, Ontario 

Hidden Cove Cottage Resort offers Housekeeping Cottages in the Haliburton Highlands part of Ontario on Lake Weslemkoon. Not only are the reviews of Hidden Cove amazing, we also love that they provide detailed descriptions of each of the cottages. The Resort is located near McArthurs Mills, Ontario. They cater to families, couples and sportsmen wanting to experience the Haliburton Highlands. Our focus on fishing at Go Fishing Now means you probably care most about what the fishing is like there. From what we hear, the fishing is just fine. Lake Weslemkoon has 61 miles of shoreline. The focus on the lake is its largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing but perch, bluegill, rock bass, lake trout and speckled trout are also in the lake. The Lake Weslemkoon trout fishery includes a unique genetic strain of lake trout. They rent 16' boats with 9.9hp outboards. You can also bring your own boat for nominal docking and battery charging fees. Hidden Cove Cottage Resort also offers ice fishing with their winter ice fishing packages. To be honest, we had not heard of Hidden Cove Cottage Resort before doing research for Go Fishing Now. Now all of us want to go. Visit them and let us know about your experience.


Joe Ford Fishing

Joe Ford Fishing
website | map it | 905-809-5144 | Oshawa, Ontario 

Not sure there is another fishing guide in our juried directory quite like Joe Ford. Joe Ford does a seasonal rotation that provides guide service on two very different areas of North America and puts him on hot fishing all year around. From March to June, Joe focuses his fishing efforts on Lake Fork in Texas. June through December he heads north of the border and you can fish with him in Southern Ontario at places like Rice Lake, Lake Scugog, Lake Muskoka, and various other lakes. Along with guiding, Joe is a professional tournament angler. He competes on the FLW Tour Costas Divisions and various Canadian Pro Bass events. He runs full day (9 hours), extended half day (7 hours), half day (5 hours) and evening trips (3 to 4 hours). So whether you are at our Lake Fork bucket list destination or heading to Southeastern Ontario, we are confident that Joe Ford Fishing will put you on a great day of fishing.


The Poplar's Resort

The Poplar's Resort
website | map it | (888) 686-1891 | 8 By Street, Newboro, Ontario 

My first Canadian fishing trip was to the Rideau waterway. While I stayed at an adjacent lake, Clear Lake, and did not stay at Poplar's Resort, I can still picture vividly a grass bed we found at the end of the week in front of Poplar's on Newboro Lake. It screamed bass and we did really well the little bit of time we fished it. I have never forgotten that grass bad and don't think I ever will. At Poplar's Resort there is far more than 1 grass bed to fish. In fact, there is more than one lake you can fish. While Newboro Lake will be your home for your stay, you can also fish Clear, Loon, Indian, Benson, and Mosquito Lakes. There are even more if you are willing to go through the locks but we found on our trip that there really wasn't a need. This section of the Rideau is largemouth territory. Smallmouth bass are there also and make up only about 30% of the bass population. I did catch a beautiful 4lb smallmouth on Indian Lake. Northern pike are abundant also but rarely exceed 10lbs. Panfishing can be out of this world on these lakes. This would be high ranking on our list of places to take your younger children as the action from the panfish will keep them entertained when the gamefish aren't turned on. If I was making another trip to this section of the Rideau, there is only one place that I would stay and that is Poplar's Resort. Great fishing and great food with their American Plan make for an amazing fishing vacation.

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