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Interview with Ontario's B.S. Angler

posted on September 20, 2016
ben s 02 Interview with Ontario's B.S. Angler

Ben Scriver is the B.S. Angler. We discuss his Simcoe County favorite waters, canoes, the French River and much more. Great interview with a lot of B.S.

GFN: Living in the 705 of Ontario, what are your favorite local home waters?

Hailing from Simcoe County, my favourite bodies of water to hit are definitely a mixed bag. With the Nottawasaga River and the Pine River in my backyard, they're always an option if driving a little further is out of the question.

I try to fish Severn and Washago if I can, but I usually stick to the rivers as well, due to the lack of a pleasure craft...they are canoe only.

All in all, my favourite place to fish in the 705 would have to be the French River. My grandfather has owned a campground, Great Escape Cabins, there for the past 17 years and I've been fishing the French ever since. Whether its a lunker Bass or a little rocket pike, fishing on the French River is always fun, and the fish are always biting.

GFN: You recently posted about heading up north. Where in Northern Ontario are your getaway spots?

My getaway spot is most definitely the French River. Nothing but peace and quiet, healthy/hungry fish, amazing wildlife, friendly people, and a gorgeous landscape. I couldn't ask for anything more!

GFN: I am going to make you a travel guide. For those of us coming from the United States, what should we consider before picking a destination in Northeastern Ontario?

I think that if you are coming from a distance and looking for a destination in Ontario to venture to for some great fishing, consider the bug seasons! I know there's no shortage of insect life in the United States, but our blackfly season can be pretty deadly.

Not only that, but there's times in the morning/evening, where the mosquitos will pick you up and take you away, they are that bad.

Another thing to consider if you're heading up north is the change in weather. One minute you will have torrential rainfall, the next minute sunny skies. always be prepared for the elements in Northern Ontario.

ben s 0

GFN: What is your favorite species to chase?

My favourite species of fish to chase would have to be the mighty Muskellunge. The time and effort that it takes to hook into one of these beasts is unmeasured, and the pay off is very rewarding. After fishing for Musky, everything else seems like child's play.

The fish of 10,000 casts is one to be reckoned with, and I consider myself lucky to have caught the ones I have thus far. I'm pretty much obsessed with getting my 50" before I'm too old and frail to swing a Musky rod!

GFN: Some of your photos have a really cool wooden canoe. What kind of canoe is it? Can you describe what you like about fishing from canoe for those who haven't?

The canoe that I use was handmade by a friend of my family. It's a little longer and a little wider than most canoes which makes it easier to fish from. When fishing from a canoe, you are able to launch into bodies of water, where a boat launch doesn't exist. Because of its size, you can also get into some shallow spots a bigger boat can't. Plus, you have the advantage of sneaking up on fish without the noise of a motor. Fishing from a canoe can have its advantages, but one day I'm gonna need back surgery from sitting in one so often!

GFN: You talk a lot about the custom baits by 705Musky. What do you like about these baits?

705 Musky, or Sean Howard, is a great guy who makes amazing works of art. he is located in Sudbury, ON, and he specializes in big glide baits for trolling musky. These baits are so nice that I cringe every time I use one. They deserve to be behind glass. The time and craftsmanship that goes into these hand made, hand carved, hand painted beauties is incredible. Sean is a busy guy and doesn't get a lot of time to craft his lures, so I'm very fortunate to have the three that I do.

GFN: You have a number of other companies in your profile. What do you like about each of these companies?

The companies in my profile are companies that I work with such as Stix & Stones, Bite Booster Lures, Mercier Lures, Handlebarz Musky Lures, and 705 Musky. I work as a representative for these companies and help promote their product. The best part about them is that they are all located in Ontario, other than a newer partnership with Lunker 24/7, who is located in Georgia. I love the product that they sell, and love that they are mostly local. They are some of the nicest and most humble people I have met in the fishing community who make amazing products, and I am very fortunate to be working with them!

ben s 0

GFN: Lastly, one of your main fishing partners is your beautiful fiance. Tell us what it means to have her as a fishing partner.

My fiance Chelsey has a great passion for fishing, like myself. Before she met me, this addiction didn't exist. I showed her the ropes, got her on some fish, and she's loved the sport ever since. There are days that she hunts for spots when I'm at work or not around. She also picks out her own gear. She is a natural when it comes to fishing, and continues to out-fish me more times than not. Most guys get annoyed when this happens, but knowing that I taught her how to fish, makes me very proud as her future husband to be. I love that my lady is my fishing partner, and I know a lot of fishermen wish their counterparts would wet some lines with them too.

GFN: Thank you Ben for the great interview. All of us can follow Ben and his fishing adventures on Instagram.

Congrats to Ben and Chelsey on your engagement. Nice job on the ring Ben. Wishing both of you a lifetime of beautiful memories and fishing success.

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