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Interview with New York's Tony Corey

posted on September 16, 2016
tony c 01 Interview with New York's Tony Corey

I love fishing New York. Its such an amazing fishing State. Tony Corey broke down some of his favorite New York waters.

GFN: You are sponsored by Stanley jigs. What is it about this company that you are proud to represent?

Stanley Jigs / Hale Lure Company make some great products. The Ribbit Series frogs and hooks they make are hands down the best quality I have used.

My 2017 tournament schedule will be fished excusively with Stanley products.

GFN: You are part of the National Pro Staff. Do you recommend it to others considering joining and what do you like about it?

I am fairly new to National Pro Staff. So far I am impressed with the ability to connect with companies and other anglers. Any opportunity to learn and grow is worth jumping on. For anyone looking to further their fishing career NPS is a great starting point. My current sponsor opportunities have come via NPS, so I can verify that it is legit.

GFN: Next, I thought it would be great to breakdown some of the New York waters that you have fished recently. Cossayuna Lake is a little lake in Northeast New York. You pulled a 4lber out of its waters. How would you describe this fishery to those who haven't fished it before?

Cossayuna is one of the best bass lakes I have fished. While it is small, it does offer some sharp drops, and great weed beds to pull monsters from. My 4lber came in shallow water on a Storm Chug bug. There are much larger bass to be found tho. I would guess an average 5 fish bag would be in the area of 15lbs with a near 20 potential.

GFN: Lake Champlain needs no introduction. What do you like best about fishing this bass factory of a lake?

Whats not to love about Champlain? The scenic views and sun rises are some of the best to be seen. I was lucky to have family members that owned a small cabin on Isle la Mott growing up. Every available minute was spent on the water.
There arent many areas on the lake where you couldnt find a fish to catch, but I have found a few areas that I target.

GFN: The Mohawk River isn't as famous as Champlain but is well know in the Northeast. What are your favorite techniques to use on the River?

For starters, I love top water fishing. That being said, I typically start off throwing poppers in open water, and frogs in the grass. Spinnerbaits and jigs are usually a safe bet if the top water is slow.

ton c 0

GFN: Other than these three, what is one other place you love to fish?

The Schoharie Creek has always been good to me. Find the right holes and you will have some of the best smallmouth fishing in the area hands down. On good days you can find some decent walleye. Worst case its a great place to spend a day kayaking.

GFN: Which New York body of water gives you the biggest challenge?

Sacandaga lake has been my biggest struggle. I have made a few trips there this season and even after throwing every lure I own, I'm still not sure what to think. People have told me there are fish there but I have my doubts.

GFN: You are fishing out of a nice looking new Tracker PT 175 txw. What is your review of the boat from your first season of fishing out of it?

This boat has been far better than I expected. Huge storage boxes in the bow hold my gear with no issues. The rod box in the center fits the 10 rods I have at all times. 3 wide seating is very comfortable. Having fished out of bigger bass boats, I am totally amazed at the stability this Tracker has is rough waters. My last Champlain trip had us in 3-4 foot waves. Not once did I feel like we would be in trouble or at risk of capsizing. After 1 season there are only 2 things I would change. First, only because of budget issues, I went with the 60hp engine. Its a great engine, but for the gear I carry and the 3rd battery added in there is a little struggle to get on plane with a passenger. Second is the trolling motor. The boat comes standard with a 45lb thrust, but its just not enough to fight wind or the extra weight. Anyone looking for a solid boat with capabilities should consider Tracker...I do not get paid to say that.

GFN: Thank you so much to Tony for doing this interview. Congrats on the new boat and look forward to seeing many more great New York catches from it. Follow Tony on Twitter.

New York Fishing Dock Talk

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