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Time to Watch the Reel Deal Fishing Show

posted on September 16, 2016
richie m Time to Watch the Reel Deal Fishing Show

I love what YouTube has done for fishing. The Reel Deal Fishing Show is a great example of the quality of fishing information and entertainment you can find online. Richie Moschella agreed to discuss with us his fishing and also his work on the show. For the young YouTuber's who follow GoFishingNow, this is a great read from someone who has been doing this since 2009.

GFN: I love your show. Your on screen approach is great. Its relaxed, informative and engaging. I can binge watch your episodes with ease. When did you first get started in making shows?

The Reel Deal Fishing Show was launched in 2009 with our 1st episode premiering on YouTube. It was a fantastic way to reach everyday anglers and showcase the content of the show. The idea was simple to showcase techniques and locations that produced fish.

Our home state is New Jersey and you see it focused on throughout the series but we also added trips like Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maine. No matter where you are watching from our approach and simplifying how we are catching fish makes learning new techniques and how fish react in different seasons to baits all across the country.

We showcased local anglers and some of the top pros in the industry that become the spotlight light of their episode and really keep it reel and change things up a bit by their appearance.

The foundation of the show is simple, show real conditions on all of our trips. We don't get to pick the best day for shooting and we are faced with all the conditions that the everyday angler faces when they go to the water. Sometimes we have great success and sometimes the fish did not cooperate but through it all the show bring you information and makes you feel like your along for the ride.

Keeping the show on YouTube no longer then ten minutes is key for our viewers to binge watch before a fishing trip or even on the boat chasing fish! Besides being on YouTube in New Jersey the show is airs on Cablevision Public Access TV and the half hour version goes out to thousands of viewers in New Jersey.

It all came down to my passion to educate the public on fishing opportunities and get people hooked on this great sport anyone can get involved in the sport no matter what skill level you are and grow as an angler, with the help of great teachers. I had some great help along the way and if I can pay it forward that is the Reel Deal to me.

GFN: What have been the hardest things to learn about making a fishing show?

In high school I got involved in the audio/video program and I learned very important techniques in editing and telling a story. Filming a fishing show is very unpredictable and you cant structure a script too tightly around a trip. It's key to be able to approach a trip and lay out the underlying theme whether it's about a bait, location or guest. Then the improvisation has to kick in when you're on the water and always no matter what have fun. Even when the fish didn't want to be on the show the episode can still be fun to watch if you tell the story the right way.

richie m 0

GFN: What has been your favorite episode to film?

I would have to say all the episodes I got to film with Bill Decoteau. Bill has done so much in the fishing industry and has worked with everyone you can think of and he's one of the most humble anglers you can know. I learned so much from him and every time he's on camera or at an event he gives it his all. All the episodes from Candlewood Lake or Lake Zoar that he's on are classics in my opinion! I wish you could all see the outtakes, it was so much fun!

GFN: What are your plans for the show over the next few years?

I will continue to produce my show and also get involved in other outdoor projects. Through writing and film production I feel it's the best forms of media to use to educate the public on fishing and get people hooked on the sport. I never watered to be a tournament angler. I looked up to Uncle Homer, Doug Hannon, Glen Lau and Al Lindner because their love of teaching and using media as a teaching tool. So that's where I hope to continue to grow in the sport and leave some kind of an impact.

GFN: What are your three favorite lakes or rivers to fish?

That's a tough question. It's a hard thing to pick just three but sitting here right now three places that I would love to go back to and fish again

Salmon Lake in Belgrade Maine is one of the best northern largemouth destinations on the planet. I shot some very early shows on that lake and would love to return now and get my hookset on

Lake Zoar in Connecticut because it's an underestimated body of water, most of the anglers we told that we were filming on it told us to go to Candlewood. It turned out to be a fantastic trip producing Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

My New Jersey pick would have to be Splitrock Reservoir because of it's quiet beauty and the quality bass it produces. I wrote an article for On The Water Magazine about my love for the reservoir and why it's one of the best places in the state to kayak fish. It's a true gem hidden in the mountains of Morris County.

But really all of New Jersey waters offer something different when it comes to angling. From Hopatcong to Lake Audrey in South Jersey we have fantastic fishing opportunities. From fishing in thick slop, boat docks, flooded timber to sandy bottoms New Jersey is a great place to fish.

richie m 00

GFN: You don't have to watch many episodes to realize you like fishing a chatterbait. Why do you love the chatterbait and what are your go to conditions for it?

It's one of the most versatile baits to throw no matter what season your fishing in. You can crawl it, burn it or jig it. It offers the advantage of fishing three baits in one and that's why it's such a hot bait right now. It's like a Spinnerbait, Jig and Crankbait all in one! Then throw a swimbait trailer on the back and add that to the mix. It's my favorite bait to throw and my confidence bait of choice.

GFN: You do a lot of kayak fishing and it looks like you are currently fishing out of an Old Town Predator. What's your review of the Predator?

The Predator is a solid kayak and really offers a great fishing kayak for the price. That's what made me choose the predator over other kayaks I could of fished from this season. Most regular anglers Don't have big money to drop on kayaks and anything over 1500.00 is just not affordable. I feel that by fishing out of a kayak that anyone can really purchase and afford is key through my seminars and lectures to get people interested in getting into the sport. You dont have to spend a fortune on a quality fishing kayak to have fun. It's a great kayak for the price and the lime camo color is the reel deal!

GFN: I read you like to stick with 3 rods ready to go. Coming into the fall, what three lures are your go to fall New Jersey baits?

In the fall bass begin to do the opposite pattern they do in spring, instead of moving into the shallows they begin to move deeper and being their preparations for winter. In fall you have a few key weeks when the bass will be actively feeding and chasing baitfish to capitalize on. At times they will be gorging themselves and even thou temperatures are getting cooler, bass fishing can heat up. Simplify your angling and use three baits to target the fall water column with.

I would have a Spook or Rover to use in the low light conditions and work the surface with, bass will still hit topwater in the fall.

Then to target the mid water column suspending jerkbait, having that bait suspend is so key this time of the season

And of course the Z-Man Chatterbait 3/8 ounce with a Z-Man Palmetto Bugz Trailer to work the bottom water column. Try Verticl jigging it and let it flutter up and down in the water. Also try a slower steady retrieve and you will get the bite your looking for

Three great baits for the fall!

GFN: Tell us about your partner Bill. How long have you known each other and what makes him a good fishing partner?

Bill's great, He was one of the first anglers that took me fishing as a kid and it's great to still be fishing with him today. We might not fish with each other in sometime and when we get out on the water it's like no time has gone by. I try to surround myself with good people who share my passion for the sport and Bill is one of them. We have filmed some great episodes together and have some very funny bloopers on the editing room floor. His contributions over the years have been great and at shows we appear at together, many fans approach him for tips and of course his Binsky advise! He is giving of his time through many organizations including Heroes on the Water and is a huge believer on giving back and paying it forward. I'm hoping to get some cold water episodes filmed with him into the winter before the show season starts!

GFN: I told you this interview was a good one. I bet you can't wait to check out the show. Go to his YouTube channel, check out his website, or follow him on Twitter.

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