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Interview with Fishaholic Rich J

posted on September 20, 2016
rich j 01 Interview with Fishaholic Rich J

To say I am impressed with Rich J of FishAholic Fishing is an understatement. This young man not only fishes all of the time but has also branded himself very well reaching over 11,000 subscribers on YouTube. We were able to get him to take a short break from his fishing and filming to find out a little more about what he does.

GFN: I have to be honest with you. I am not sure where to start. I have so many questions for you that to limit them to just 8 is near impossible. Lets start getting to know you a bit. What is it about fishing that makes you so passionate about it?

What I love about fishing and what keeps bringing me back for more is the challenge, mystery, and thrill. Everyday fishing is different and its like putting together a puzzle to find fish and catch them. I try and plan my outings weeks before I even go fishing for my best chance of success. So if I'm fishing on the 10th I was planning and thinking about fishing this day on the 4th or the 5th I try and stay ahead of the game. But if I misfire I keep coming back for more until I succeed.

GFN: You have a ton of videos. Why is it important for you to share what you do through video?

Growing up I fished pretty much every day even after school or after soccer practice with my father. He was very competitive and so was I. We would pick a new body of water on a map go there try and figure it out which would sometimes take a day or even a few days, then we would pick a new spot. Usually we would split up to try and see who could catch the most fish or the biggest fish and too many times I would catch a really big fish but had no proof so it became another fish story. Therefore once I left for college and was kinda on my own I wanted to have proof and share what I was catching with my father, friends, and family so now they all tell the stories for me through my videos.

GFN: You have over 11,000 subscribers and over million views. Those are amazing numbers. What have been the keys to growing your audience?

When I first started making videos I never thought I was going to turn it into a YouTube channel. I just thought about fishing fishing fishing and what I love about making YouTube videos is that I am constantly learning how to make better videos, and content. At first I always put most of my effort into the fishing part of filming but as I realized viewers wanted to learn more I realized fishing, commentary, and video editing all have to be equal to capture the moment.

GFN: Did you ever get discouraged while building your audience and if so how did you stay focused?

What always would discourage me when trying to build my audience is haters, loosing footage, or not capturing an important moment. It seams as a YouTuber trying to build your channel up that there is always a hater holding a magnifying glass trying to burn you down. Also when you film all day and forget to start recording when you hook the biggest fish of the day, or even when the battery dies on the camera and you hook the biggest fish of the day. I've been through it all I've learned and as your audience grows the haters that told you to stop fishing disappear, I never forget to push record, and I always make sure I have a full battery. It's all a learning and growing experience.

GFN: I assume YouTube isn't your full-time job. How long does the average video take to go from filming to uploading? How do you find the time to do everything necessary to not only fish, but film and promote what you do?

Usually it can take a day or two to go from filming to upload depending on my work, school, and fishing schedule. I try and make school a priority when I have school work, work is usually first when it comes time and if the bite is on I save the footage I have and hit the water again. I'm really fortunate to have a great summer job opportunity fishing in Montauk that most college students would dream for. But in the end it's just good time management.

rich j 0

GFN: I guess we should talk about some fishing. What do you consider your 3 favorite places to fish?

I've fished many places over the years but not nearly as many places as I plan to but for name my top three places would probably be Montauk NY for cow striped bass in the kayak, Florida Peacock bass fishing, and probably Surf Casting Rhode Island for striped bass and tautog.

GFN: I see a kayak in a lot of photos. What is your kayak and how would you break down the pros and cons of fishing from it?

I have a Hobie Outback 2011 Mirage Drive Kayak. My kayak is like part of me and I bring it pretty much every where and it never leaves my car so I really don't have any negatives to owning a kayak. All I can think about is the positives I have kayak fishing down to a science for myself to make it as efficient as possible. Kayak fishing has put me on more fish and bigger fish then I ever thought I would catch when I first got this kayak. .

GFN: What's next for FishAholic Fishing?

I want to continue to grow my YouTube channel and push into the fishing tournament industry. I've always been very competitive and have competed in many BASS tournaments fairing very well and think that might be a good directing to go if I could get the proper funding and support to do so. But as of now just getting and internship and graduating college is my immediate future goal.

GFN: One thing I notice about the young anglers that we interview for the site is that they all have their priorities straight. Rich is no exception. Good luck school Rich and I look forward to following all of the great fishing and life accomplishments headed your way.

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