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Interview with Maine's Youtuber Ted Cole

posted on September 19, 2016
ted c 01 Interview with Maine's Youtuber Ted Cole

Ted Cole is a Maine Youtuber. He catches a lot of beautiful Maine bass and does a great job putting videos together to show others how he does it. Ted took some time to tell us a bit more about his fishing and videos.

GFN: What got you into doing YouTube videos?

I got into doing fishing videos for a few reasons. First of all I love fishing, and I've fished for most of my life. Along the way I've learned a lot and have always enjoyed teaching people what I know to try to help them on the water.

To go along with my passion for fishing, I've always had a passion for filming as well. Most of the filming I've done over the years has been music videos for local artists around the state of Maine, which are also on YouTube. Recently I've drifted away from producing music videos, but still had the urge to film. I decided to take my fishing and video ability to make something fun and educational that people can enjoy and learn from.

GFN: Your videos focus on techniques. Is that the theme you plan to stay with for your videos?

I started these videos to try to focus on techniques for fishing, I feel as though most of the people on YouTube looking at fishing videos are of a younger age group and are looking to learn. Not all my videos will be about technique, but a high percentage of them definitely will have that theme.

GFN: What is your favorite technique for catching big bass? Wacky rig senkos?

My favorite technique/lure for catching big bass would have to be the Wacky rigged senkos and/or a top water frog in thick vegetation. I don't have any top water videos but stay tuned!

GFN: What are the keys to fishing the Senko?

The keys to fishing the Wacky rig vary, but there's a couple things that work best for me. Work it slow! Working it slow allows the bait to get up and down in different water columns allowing the angler to technically cover more water/area. Also, use your rod to retrieve the bait, don't reel it in such as a crank bait. You only need the reel in the slack line after you retrieve the bait with your rod tip! A lot of people think that Senkos are acting as a worm in the water, but actually the wacky rig is acting as a slender bait fish that is injured!

GFN: You fish Maine for both smallmouth and largemouth. What are your favorite 3 waters?

My 3 favorite waters to fish would have to be Damariscotta Lake, Pemaquid Lake, and a local lake where I live but I surprisingly can't recall the name. Damariscotta and Pemaquid offer great Largemouth and Smallmouth as well. I love these lakes because they have great shallow rock structure as well as deep structure which works great for a drop shot rig!

GFN: What is your personal best largemouth?

My personal best Largemouth was a few years ago weighing in at just under 7 pounds. It was the local lake I talked about in the last question. What was weird about this catch was that the conditions were awful, high pressure day with blazing heat in the summer time, around 2pm in the afternoon. I was using a wacky rig senko and bank fishing. Didn't have much for the day, I told myself only a couple more casts and I was out of there. Sure enough, second cast into a rock pile with some submersed vegetation, she hit. Felt like a log at first, but it was a great fight and a great way to get a personal best, especially when the conditions were as awful as they were.

ted c 0

GFN: On a non-fishing note, you have some really cool sky cloud shots, is this an interest of yours? How did you get the storm shot over the ocean?

Cloud shots have always interested me, they also look great on camera. Since I'm into film, photography interests me too. That cloud shot about 3 weeks ago was taken while I was on a lobstering trip, 60 miles off shore. Some storms were coming off land and I just happened to be in the right spot at the right time.

GFN: Looks like you use a canoe sometimes. I happen to love canoe fishing. What kind of canoe do you use? Do you have any special rigging it for it for fishing?

I do love canoe fishing, but would rather have a bass tracker! I'm not totally sure what kind of canoe it is, I got it from a friend of mine for free. There are no names on the side of it, he happened to repaint it not long ago. As for rigging it, I don't do anything. Id like to put a depth finder in it but that's about it!

GFN: Check out Ted's videos on YouTube and follow him on Instagram. This young man is a talented fisherman who does a great job sharing with others his knowledge that will help anyone catch more fish.

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