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Review of Rideout's Lodge in Maine from Rich M

posted on July 28, 2016
rich m rideouts 001 Review of Rideout's Lodge in Maine from Rich M

Thank you Rich M for providing this review of Rideout's Lodge in Maine. He has been going to the Lodge 12 out of the last 14 years and has a lot of insight to share for anyone considering a trip to Rideout's.

GFN: You have fished Rideout’s the last 12 out of 14 years, why do you keep going back?

We keep going back to Rideouts because it is easy to get to, the service and accommodations are excellent, the lake is beautiful, and the fishing is great.

GFN: What species of fish do you mainly target and what advice do you have for catching them?

We target smallmouth bass in mid to late June. Recently we have fished in mid-June during the peak spawn and look for beds where there is a mixture of smaller and big stones in an area that is protected. In later June and early July when there are more post spawn fish we'll also fish rock piles, boulder areas, and points. We catch the biggest fish during the peak spawn, but have caught the most fish in late June and early July. We have had several 100+ fish days. We have caught some salmon by accident and occasionally fish for Brook trout near the dock in the evening.

rich m rideouts 00

GFN: What are your 3 favorite lures/baits when fishing on East Grande Lake?

By far our favorite lure is a whacky rigged Senko. We prefer only half of a 5" worm with a size 2 circle hook under a small black o-ring. The smaller worm snags less, that size circle hook prevents snags and swallows (we have tried bigger and smaller hooks), and the o-ring helps preserve the worm. We use dark color worms on cloudy days and bright colored on sunny days. Panther Martin spinners are probably #2, and Rapalas #3. Later in June and afterwards poppers can be fun too.

GFN: How would you describe the quality of accommodations at the Lodge?

The cabins at the lodge are in good shape with nice kitchens and sleeping areas. Everything has always worked for us. There are times we have used the heater and other times the fans. The shower has always provided the hot water we needed. Most cabins have a nice screened front deck viewing the lake which is nice for sunrises and sunsets.

rich m rideouts 00

GFN: How is the customer service?

The customer service is superb! If you rent a boat it is gassed and charged at the main dock and is ready for fishing every morning. We love the push button start 15hp Honda and rent an electric motor too. The owners and staff are very accessible for questions and help. Although we usually like to bring and make our own food, when we have eaten at the restaurant it was delicious food with friendly service.

GFN: What are the top three things that people should know when considering a trip to Rideout’s?

Be prepared for all outside conditions. It is a big lake and the weather can readily change. In June I've fished in t-shirts and shorts, and have had 5 layers of clothing on top other days in the same week. We catch fish on both bright sunny days and in the pouring rain wearing rain gear. Bring plenty of mosquito repellent especially later in June and afterwards, have good sun protection and a good camera.

Thanks again Rich! If you have stayed at Rideout's and want to tell us about your fishing trip, email us at chris@gofishingnow.com.

rich m rideouts 00
rich m rideouts 00
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