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Time For Some Ontario Kick Bass Fishing

peter e 002 Time For Some Ontario Kick Bass Fishing

Lake Simcoe is an amazing fishery in Ontario known to produce big smallmouth bass. We had a chance to discuss Simcoe with Peter, aka @kick_bass_fishing on Instagram. We also discussed his "on the water office". Peter has an awesome rig. Enjoy the article...

GFN: What do you consider your favorite bass waters? What makes each one special to you?

My favourite bass fishing lake is Lake Simcoe due to the fact that it can produce some fairly large size bass throughout the fishing season. The tributary has progressed into a trophy smallmouth reservoir especially in the fall season. It is also a great Lake for largemouth and many other species such as white fish, lake trout, pike and even walleye.

Another fantastic lake on my list for fishing both smallmouth and largemouth bass would be Buckhorn. It's produced a number of good sized fish for me over the years. The lake has unbelievable structure for both species of bass and with so much structure including pads, sunken humps, steep drop offs and plenty of docks, the fish can be found quite easily which makes for an exciting day out on the water.

GFN: You fish an area with so many great bass lakes. Which lake do you recommend for fishermen and fisherwomen coming to your area for a fishing vacation?

This is a simple one to answer !! You are absolutely correct, we have a great selection of bass producing lakes in Ontario. We have our chain of lakes called the Kawartha lakes region that are all connected together and which all have great fishing opportunities for anyone coming to fish Ontario.

In my opinion if I was to visit Ontario specifically for a fishing trip, I'd definitely consider the months of October through late November to have a chance at landing a trophy smallmouth out of Lake Simcoe. It's an amazing experience with bass averaging anywhere in the 5 to 8lb range.

GFN: How has your fishing season been this year compared to previous years?

The fishing has been good this year but it also has been a little tougher than normal. Water levels are down in each of the reservoirs connected through the Kawartha lake system. That being said, the lower water levels have also created higher water temperatures which causes the fish to either be holding tighter to heavy cover or going deeper where water temperatures are more favourable for the fish.

GFN: What has been your best tournament finish this year? How did that day go?

So far this year my best finish was actually in a pike tournament. Every spring the Aurora Bass Masters have their annual Pike Open which is held on Canal Lake, one of the Kawartha lakes and a great Pike fishing reservoir. My partner and I managed to pull off a third place finish and "big fish" of the tournament.

We caught our limit early in the morning then culled two of our fish throughout the rest of the day! Our big fish was just shy of 10lbs.

As for bass tournaments we have been sitting in the middle of the pack this year, our best finish would have been 11th place in the CSFL Scugog Pro Bass Central tour, but due to some confusion about check in time my partner and I ended up getting hit with a 9lb deduction off our total weight. Unfortunately the penalty also affected the weight for the big fish lunker pool which we would have won with the 5.20lb smallmouth that we managed to pull out that day...Lesson Learned!

peter e 00

GFN: Your on water office is a sweet Triton boat. Can you tell us about your boat. What are its best features?

For the office rig, I'm running a Triton TR-20 equipped with a 200HP Mercury EFI, and a 4 blade SS tempest prop.

The motor is sitting on a 10" hi jacket jack plate which helps to squeeze out that extra few mph needed for running in tournaments. Currently fully loaded with my partner and I, the boat runs a GPS speed of 76 mph, on my own I've managed to get it up as high as 78mph.

As for upgrades and accessories, I have equipped the Triton with 3 Humminbird sonars, up front a 1199HD SI DI, at the dash a 798HDCIX and along side the console a 999HD SI DI which are amazing for locating fish and structure. The 1199 and 999 are also paired with each other for waypoint and data storage, as for GPS and contour maps I run Navioncs plus on both.

On the bow I use a Min Kota 4 trax 80lb 24v trolling motor cable drive with reseeded foot pedal. On the stern I have a Min Kota 10ft Talon shallow water anchor.

GFN: For others thinking about investing in a shallow water anchor for their boat, do your recommend one and how does it help your fishing?

The Min Kota shallow water anchor has been a great addition to the Triton, it's a big ticket item but well worth the purchase. The telescope anchor extends 10ft fully below the boat which allows me to pin myself in a certain position whether it is beside a dock or even just at a boat launch as I park my truck. On a windy day or even a calm day, it has helped out tremendously in certain situations. Once you actually use one you'll be asking yourself why you didn't install one sooner.

peter e 00

GFN: You rep several companies. What are the companies that you represent and what do you like about their products?

As of right now I am currently representing Lake Fork Trophy Lures, Rod Sox, Ardent Outdoors Rods and Reels, Central Outboard Marine and Nato Strap Co.

Lake Fork Trophy Lures has supplied me with a vast amount of new and innovative tackle from swim baits and plastics to hard body baits and apparel.

Rod Sox has supplied me with rod covers that protect all of my rods from spinning rods to bait casters and all different lengths. They have definitely done their job and saved my rods from damage throughout the fishing season.

I have had a chance to test out Ardent Outdoors' reels and rods and so far they have been holding up!! Whether I've been pre-fishing or fishing in a tournament, they have yet to let me down.

Central Outboard Marine has serviced and spent several hours upgrading electronics and fine tuning my boat since day one! They are a pleasure to deal with and you are always guaranteed quality service.

Nato Strap Co is actually not related to fishing as they are a company that produces in style durable interchangeable watch straps. They have supplied me with their product and I love it.

I want to thank all of my sponsors sincerely for all the support and amazing products they bring to the table.

GFN: What are your favorite new baits that you are using this year?

Some of my favourite baits are the new LFT Magic Shad Texas rigged weightless and the new LFT frog trailed with the new LFT frog tail hook from Lake Fork Trophy Lures. Both have unbelievable action to trigger those bigger fish into striking even on the toughest of days on the water! Give them a try, I'm sure you'll agree!

GFN: Thank you Peter for a great interview. This information is great for those wanting to fish Simcoe and those consider a shallow water anchor for their rig. The companies you represent sound fantastic, and I encourage everyone to check them out. Good luck Peter with the rest of your season. Hoping you have some kick bass fishing.

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