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Like Father, Like Son: Interview with Tyler

posted on August 17, 2016
tyler harper 001 Like Father Like Son: Interview with Tyler

After finishing the interview with Canuck Bassin's Chris Harper, he, with lots of dad pride, said "My son Tyler has been my fishing partner since he was 4 and is one hell of an angler." My response was immediate "Does Tyler want to do an interview?"

Go Fishing Now is all about learning from each other about fishing all across the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada. Finding opportunities to learn from and be inspired by fishermen, of all ages, is what we do. So, I was honored that Tyler was willing to discuss his Ontario fishing with us and ended up very impressed with this young man's passion for fishing. Here is what Tyler had to say.

GFN: At what age did you start fishing? What are your earliest memories of fishing?

I was about 4 years old when I started fishing. I remember having a small rope tied to my rod for the first few times I went. I think my dad was worried I may lose a monster.

I remember fishing from my grandma's dock with plastic worms looking for largemouth. I remember how much I hated using tube jigs because I got snagged in fast water and busted a rod under the boat faster than I could tell my dad I was stuck. But now I love using tubes.

I remember working on our first boat, making it better and making some repairs from the seasons before. I remember my dad would let me skip class on nice days or near the end of the season, to go fishing while my friends had to go to school for the day. I remember learning how to tie fishing knots before I learned how to tie my shoes...Actually, my dad showed me how to tie a few fishing knots and then showed me that tying my shoes was almost the same.

GFN: What are your personal best fish?

My best bass is a 5.13 lb Smallie I caught last year. I plan to catch a bigger one this year. I used to hate fall fishing because it can take time to find fish, and the weather can be horrible, but I have learned that when you do find them, they can be huge and well worth the effort and "misery."

GFN: There are lots of things you could be doing or be involved in as a young man. Why do you love fishing?

I have been fishing since I can remember and it's all I want to do when I have free time. I watch fishing on WFN when I am stuck at home, research gear and techniques on the web and look forward to days that my dad isn't working so we can hit the water.

I love being outdoors and a big part of fishing for me, is the personal challenge to learn new techniques, improve on the ones I already use, and to always try and find a bigger fish. It's the anticipation of a hook up, the excitement of the battle and then the race to get the fish back in the water so I can try to catch another. I like the challenge of competing against other anglers and how I can compete against myself every time I go.

tyler harper 00

GFN: We had a chance to interview your dad and learned a lot from him. What are three lessons your dad has taught you about fishing?

He has taught me a lot about fishing since I was a little kid, but I think the three things I use most are:

1. Don't waste casts... Always try and make each cast count. Pay attention to where you cast, watch your line as you retrieve and look for where you want to cast next before your line is back in the boat.

2. Watch for activity on, in and around the water. Watch for baitfish moving or making noise on the surface. Watch for birds like cranes and loons that will let you know where there may be a food source for predatory fish. And watch for your target fish following your lures or attacking baitfish.

3. The more time you spend with your line in the water, the more chance you have to catch fish.

GFN: How do you and your dad differ in your fishing preferences?

I like to run and gun. I don't like to spend too much time in one spot and my dad tends to spend more time working an area than I would. Also, if I was paying for the gas, I would make longer runs to explore further down river. I know that both methods are beneficial in their own way, and I have had the "stick it out" strategy of my dad pay off more than I would like to admit, but I know that there have been other times that he knows we should have moved sooner.

I also like to use more faster moving baits and changing baits more often than my dad, who uses more finesse. For example, I will be throwing a spinnerbait while he works a jig. This is beneficial, because it lets us cover more water effectively and put patterns together quicker.

GFN: What are your future goals in fishing and what are you doing to reach those goals?

I would like to become a pro or semi-pro tournament angler. I hope I can go to college in the US and get a scholarship to be on a college bass team. Unfortunately as a Canadian, opportunities are not as available here. I am already prostaff with several great companies and plan to have my own social media accounts in the very near future to expand my opportunities and create more awareness of my fishing efforts. Oh and I keep fishing and striving to be better every chance I get.

GFN: What does it mean to you to have your dad as your fishing partner?

Well without him, it sure would be hard for me to get on the water. LOL. I am glad that he introduced me to the sport and I am grateful that he has always taken the time to take me rather than other people. He has helped me understand that I am capable of doing more than I realize sometimes. He makes sure that I have good gear and that I take good care of it. Also, we know what the other person is going to do without even saying anything most of the time. We have a pretty good routine and that can make a big difference in how a day goes and more importantly, how many fish make it into the boat.

tyler harper 00

GFN: First of all, thank you Chris for taking the time, effort and energy to raise such an impressive young man. As a father of 4, ranging from 21 to 10, I know it is not always easy.

Second, thank you Tyler for taking the lessons that your dad has offered as well as developing your own passion and skill for the sport we all love. As a father of 4, I am told by my kids that learning from their dad is not always easy.

Tyler reps for several companies, Angler's Choice, Liquid Mayhem, Kamooki Lures, SEM Outdoors MEGA JIGS, Boomerang Tools and Rod Glove / VRX.

Third, for the rest of us, this is the value of spending time with kids in the outdoors or anywhere else, for that matter. These efforts produce passionate, grounded, intelligent, and articulate young men just like Tyler (as well as the many outstanding young ladies involved in fishing now more than ever).

Lastly Tyler, when you become famous as a pro, please remember who gave you your first interview. Seriously, best wishes on your fishing, education and life goals. Let us know when you break that 5.13 mark this fall in miserable weather after sitting at one spot too long fishing finesse techniques with your dad. Thank you Tyler for a great interview.

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