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Bass Fishing The Kawarthas with Bobby Belmonte

posted on August 5, 2016
bobby belmonte 001 Bass Fishing The Kawarthas with Bobby Belmonte

Rice Lake and all of the lakes in the Kawartha's Region of Ontario are very popular fishing destinations. Bass fishing is one of the main factors that makes this part of Ontario a top choice when considering a fishing trip destination. Bobby Belmonte fishes this area and by the looks of his Instagram account has figured out how to fish lakes like Rice Lake and Katchewanooka Lake with consistent success. He shares some of the secrets behind his success with us right here.

GFN: What have been the highlights of your 2016 fishing season so far?

So far I was really pleased with the walleye season I had. Every outing i was able to find a good amount of fish and by the time bass was ready to open I had caught several trophy fish mainly in Rice Lake. Also just recently had a few really good days bass fishing and I am finding I'm getting more and more big bites as the season progresses. Tournaments haven't been the greatest this year but that's fishing for ya and could change any week.

GFN: Your Instagram page is a multi-species bonanza. What is your favorite species to target and why?

My favourite species without a doubt is bass; I can't decide between Largies or smallies because I tend to target both every time I'm on the water during bass season, but I have always loved the techniques bass fishing offers along with the crazy fights they put on.

bobby belmonte 00

GFN: What is your favorite body of water to target that species and what will you be throwing?

Favourite body of water would have to be Rice Lake. When I fish for Smallies out there I'm usually using a jerkbait to locate fish and then once I find a school i slow down with a dropshot or tube to trigger bigger bites. When I target Largemouth, 99% of the time I'm flipping a Perfect Jig in shallow cover or deeper weeds depending on what depth the fish prefer that day.

GFN: What other waters do you consider your home waters?

Rice Lake and Katchewanooka Lake are the two I spend the most time on but all the Kawarthas are pretty close by.

GFN: Which fishing technique/skill is your strongest and which is your weakest?

Flipping a jig would have to be my strongest skill. Its a technique I have used since I started taking fishing seriously, and I have caught some of my biggest bass to date on a jig. For a weakest technique I'd have to say its fishing lures such as jigging spoons, Alabama rigs and Carolina rigs because I very rarely tie any of those things on.

bobby belmonte 00

GFN: Looks like your fishing out of a Stratos. What are your favorite things about your boat? And what would you love to upgrade/add to the boat?

Yes! I fish out of a 18 and a half foot, 2014 Stratos V-Lo. Its a great boat for the Kawartha Lakes. The V-Lo models naturally sit a little lower in the water which i find allows for a smoother ride and handles waves easily. Power poles and some better electronics on the front deck would be the next upgrades on my wishlist.

GFN: You are doing some great video work. What equipment are you using to do the video?

I film my videos with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver but the days I get the most footage is when I have my friends and multiple GoPro's or cameras on board.

GFN: You have some cool aerial footage. What type of drone are you using to get those shots?

The drone footage was awesome to get, it was a friend of mine's drone. He used a Dji Phantom 3 advanced drone. Another thing to go on my wishlist...haha.

bobby belmonte 00

GFN: What fishing goals do you have over the next few years?

Over the next few years I hope to gain significant amounts of followers on my social networking pages as well as grow my YouTube channel. I also would love to be able to win a few tournaments whether its just some club events or one of the bigger tour events. I possibly will be fishing the FLW Canada circuit next season and am hoping for some success in that.

So what are you waiting for? Go watch some of Bobby's videos on YouTube. You can also check him out on Instagram and Twitter.

Bobby represents and is a big fan of The Perfect Jig. Visit The Perfect Jig website to learn more. Thank you Bobby for doing this interview and good luck the rest of the season. Are you intrigued about Rice Lake? Check out our "Juried Directory" for our Rice Lake fishing lodge selection, Alpine Resort. As always, make sure to come back here and tell us how you do.

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