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Interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors

posted on August 4, 2016
greg perrault 001 Interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors

This interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors' Greg Perreault covers a bit of everything on New England fishing. We hit his favorite places to wet a line in Massachusetts; his recent bass fishing trip to Maine; a review of Lakeside Hotel and Cabins on Cobbosseecontee Lake; information about a great competitive bass fishing organization; and his YouTube Vlogs. So start reading and enjoy.

GFN: One of the things that I absolutely love about your videos is that every time I watch one, I feel like I am sitting there chillin' with a friend talking fishing. What got you into doing videos? And why that format?

What got me into making videos was me just watching other YouTube videos to be honest. 2 years ago I wanted to learn different techniques for fishing deep water. Also what kind of lures were best for deep water. So I spent all winter watching and learning these styles on YouTube. Some guys I liked a lot and some I wasn't too fond of. But one big thing that came out of it was it helped me tremendously in that style. So I decided to make videos of my own to help people out. There's not a better feeling than when you help another angler out in some way or another. And a lot of fishing comes down to opinion, so I figure might as well put my two cents in.

And I owe a lot of credit to tacklejunky81 on YouTube for the way I do my videos. He told me to just be myself and try to be different, that's what will bring more and new viewers to your page. So I try and keep it real. No editing and keep it raw. What you see is what you get.

GFN: Will there be any on the water videos coming up?

There will be on the water footage in the future. When I started my channel I only had 1 gopro, 1 battery, and 1 SD card. Realized very quickly that's nowhere near enough. So I'm currently bulking up my camera accessories and once I get more I will be shooting on the water videos for sure.

GFN: You have said in your videos that your 2016 tournament season has started slow. Which of your upcoming tournaments do you have the most confidence will turn things around and why?

The season started very slow for partner Mike Allen and myself. The one tournament that we knew we could turn it around was Lake Congamond in Southwick MA. And we did! We took 2nd place there and will set the stage for the rest of the way. We both know the lake very well, and also that lake sets up very well to our styles of fishing. Big fish! There's not to much finesse in our techniques so the lake does well for us. We tend to throw larger baits and baits that normally get big bites.

greg perrault 00

GFN: What do you consider your home waters? Which is your favorite and why?

My home waters would be most lakes in Western Mass. My favorite lake is Congamond Lake in Southwick, MA. It has giant bass in that lake. It's made up of 3 lakes, North Pond, South Pond, and Middle Pond. And all 3 are different. North Pond is very deep and crystal clear. Middle Pond is deep with great shore line fishing. Tons of docks, humps, piers, and a marina to make for great fishing. South Pond is stained water with 2 coves, docks, humps, and great vegetation. So you can fish so many different styles with a good chance at a 5+ pound bass. Great Lake!

GFN: Smallmouth or Largemouth, which is your favorite and why?

Largemouth would be my fav to fish for. Nothing better than throwing the frog for that fatty under some pads or flippin a bait into cover or docks. Love me my Largemouth.

GFN: You took a recent trip to Maine. Tell us about the fishing on that trip.

The fishing in Maine on my trip was amazing! Like nothing that I've experienced before. The quality of fish you pull out consistently is unreal. We fished 4 different lakes over 6 days. We fished Cobbosseecontee Lake (aka Coby Lake) on Sunday and on Thurs and Friday. Monday we were at Torsey Lake. Tuesday we were at China Lake, and Wednesday we fished Wilson Pond, but at 520 acres it's a massive pond to say the least. Torsey Lake, we had a amazing day with the frog. Around noon it caught fire and we landed probably 15 to 20 quality fish in a couple hours. For the day our boat caught roughly 60 fish that day. Our best day of the week.

Tues we went to China Lake which was made popular thru bassmaster top 100 lakes and Major League Fishing stopped there last year. It was an awful but amazing day all in the same. Only caught 3 fish the whole day, but one of them was my personal best at 5lbs 6ozs. This year I set a goal to catch a 5lber. So to say the least I was so pumped when I landed that pig. Then nothing but two more for the rest of the day.

greg perrault 00

Wilson is a cool lake. Deep and shallow with some islands in the middle. Had fun there, we caught some fish with different techniques mainly on the frog and then that trip was cut short to heavy heavy rain.

And then there's Cobby Lake. One of the best lakes I've ever fished. Over 3000 acres. Lighthouses, islands, dams, rivers, this place has it all. And talk about crystal clear water, the most beautiful clearest water I've seen. Which in return produces some of the most gorgeous Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass I've ever witnessed. Their colors I can't even explain with words, there were times when my breath would be taken away looking at these beautiful fish. The size of these fish were just as impressive, countless fish from the 2.5 to 3.5 lbs. I could count on one hand how many fish I caught under the pound and a half. They are all just plump and healthy.

It was an amazing trip and I will go back every year now.

GFN: Where did you stay? And how were the accommodations?

We stayed right on Cobbosseecontee lake. A place called Lakeside Motels & Cabins. Accommodations were fantastic, and if you need you can rent a boat right from them. If you have your own, he has a good size marina right there strictly for people who are renting from him. Definitely check it out if you're planning a trip to Maine.

GFN: It is almost August. If you fish an August tournament for Largemouth and I only allow you 3 lures to throw, what would they be?

I'm only allowed 3 lures for a August Tourney. Ok, well 1st would be my frog. I never leave home without him. 2nd would be Bio Spawn Vile Craw. Very durable plastic with great movement and look. I'd flip and pitch that bait around docks and veggie mid-day when that sun is cooking. 3rd lure I would have is my jigs. I can get deep with em. I can fish shallow, swim them, fish veggie. Just a very diverse lure that I'm very confident with.

greg perrault 00

GFN: You are Co-director of NEBassin MA/CT division. Who can get involved with your group and how would they get started becoming a part of NEBassin?

Anyone can get involved with NEBassin, male or female, boater, non boater, kayaker, small boater. We have divisions in 4 states. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. There is big boat divisions, small boat/kayak divisions. It's a great place to have fun, meet great people, and competitively fish. If anyone is interested you can check out NEBassin.com and in there will be contact info or just contact me directly on any of my social media pages. I'll gladly answer any questions for you and then guide you in getting started.

A big thank you to Greg for doing this interview. The New England States are such a beautiful area to fish and Greg gave us a great glimpse into fishing some of these waters. For those that live in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire or Maine and are interested in a great fishing organization, check out NEBassin.com. For the rest of us you can follow Greg and keep up with his fishing on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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