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Fishing and Fine Beer in New Hampshire with Sam L

Sam L 001 Fishing and Fine Beer in New Hampshire with Sam L

I love fishing and enjoy fine beer. When someone combines these two on their Instagram page, they are a must interview for Go Fishing Now. Sam L is a New Hampshire fisherman who posts his fishing adventures and also the new beers he is tasting. If you have the same passion for fishing and appreciation of quality beer as Sam and I, his Instagram feed is a must follow.

Here is my discussion with Sam L.

GFN: What I noticed when first looking at your Instagram page is that we share a love of both fishing and beer. I think we'll start with the fishing but I am definitely going to save a question or two for your tastes in beer. What are your favorite New Hampshire waters to fish and why?

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk about a few things I love to do, fishing and drinking a cold brew. There are so many different bodies of water that hold many different kinds of fish in New Hampshire. For me I love to fish small lakes and ponds. There's less traffic on smaller bodies of water which makes being on a kayak much easier. I try to target places where its kind of off the beaten path. Places like these really give you an appreciation of nature. Some of my favorite New Hampshire bodies to fish on are Ayers Lake (Pond), Pawtuckaway Lake, Lake Sunapee, Merrymeeting Lake and a few secret spots I like to keep to myself.

Sam L 00

GFN: Beyond the NH borders, where else do you like to fish?

I try to visit New Hampshire's neighbors whenever I can, but chances are likely you can find me on a pond somewhere deep in the woods in NH or on one of the lakes listed above. When I was stationed in California I was extremely grateful to experience their bass fishing. Which was absolutely ridiculous. Some of the biggest bass I've ever seen.

GFN: I see that you fish out of a Feelfree Kayak. What do you like most about your kayak?

My current Kayak is a Feelfree Moken 10 Angler. If you are serious about kayak angling, Feelfree is for you. They are very stable, plenty of space for you to move around, ample storage, and I can even stand comfortably. Actually, in the next couple of months I'll be getting a Feelfree Lure, which are on another level. I highly recommend Feelfree.

GFN: Largemouth bass appear to be your primary target. What is your personal best largemouth? When, where and how did you catch it?

sam l 00

Largemouth bass are definitely my main target as far as fish go. Don't get me wrong, I'll never turn down a Smallie fight! My biggest bass I've ever caught was just shy of 8lbs. I caught the beast on Diamond Valley Lake in California. My biggest New Hampshire bass is just shy of 5lbs.

GFN: What are your three favorite Largemouth lures?

My go to lures are soft plastics. Yum dingers by Yum Baits are my absolute favorite. I'll tell everyone, if you have a watermelon red flake Yum dinger you can catch bass anywhere. I also use their swim N' dingers and kill shot daily. I'm also very fond of top water. Whether it be a frog, a super spook, or a field mouse nothing is as exciting as seeing that thing get crushed by a monster bass.

sam l 00

GFN: Ok, now for the beer. I saw the PBR proudly displayed on your Instagram feed. What would you consider your "go to" beer after a long day of fishing?

I'll have a PBR from time to time. I like to branch out and try local and new beers. One does stand out after a long day of fishing though, that would have to be Magic Hat #9.

GFN: What is your favorite specialty/micro-brew beer(s)?

Some of my favorite craft brews are Stone Brewery, Ballast Point, Mission Brewery, Allagash, Baxters Brewing, Magic Hat, Left Hand Brewing.

Thank you Sam for taking the time to introduce us to you and your fishing. Also, I want to thank you for your service to our Country in the Marine Corps. It is very appreciated.

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