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Here you will find our interviews with lodges, guides and interesting fishermen and fisherwomen, who fish the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada.

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Here you will find our selective "juried" directory of fishing guides and places to stay in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada.

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Go Fishing Now: The Best of Fishing in the Northeast

Interview with Ontario's Michael Colangelo

posted on October 6, 2016
michael c 02 Interview with Ontario's Michael Colangelo

Had the opportunity to talk Ontario fishing with Michael Colangelo. Michael is an avid fisherman and shares his thoughts about bass fishing in the Province.

GFN: I did an interview with your friend and fishing partner Peter back in August. How long have you guys been fishing together? And what is a day on the boat with the two of you like?

Just finished our second year together. A day on the water for us is always fun. Sometimes when one of us are not on our A game the other guy is. And that's important to bring fish in the boat.

GFN: What strengths do each of your bring that compliment one another on tournament day?

Because the both of us think so different when it comes to fishing we are always sharing ideas and different ways to catch fish. I'm a huge fan for flipping and pitching largemouth bass in the thick stuff while my partner is really good at reading his graphs and fishing for smallmouth in the open water.

GFN: What do you consider your favorite waters and what makes them special to you?

My favourite waters would have be Lake Simcoe. Having a cottage on the lake for the last 5 yrs has made it easy to me time to fish it. Simcoe is particularly special to me cause I landed my personal best 6.14lb largemouth this year!

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Interview with Photographer Jamie Edwards

posted on September 28, 2016
jamie e 01 Interview with Photographer Jamie Edwards

I have really enjoyed the photography of Jamie Edwards on Instagram. So, I contacted Jamie about his photography and fishing. Here is what he had to say...

GFN: What got you started doing photography and video work in the fishing industry?

I have been playing around with photography and video for over 20 years but only seriously for 5. I got into fishing side 3 years ago when a local bass tournament series I fish was in need of better photos of their events so I started bringing my gear.

GFN: What clients do you currently work with?

I work with the Tri-bay bass association (@tbba_fishing on Instagram) I've been working with anglers to try and help them promote their sponsors and grow their brand to help get more sponsors. I also provide photos and video to RahFish who have a great following on all social media platforms. Next year I will be looking to do more in the fishing side, I just haven't had the time to put into it yet.

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Interview with Ontario's Steve Rowbotham

posted on September 27, 2016
steve r 01 Interview with Ontario's Steve Rowbotham

Lake Simcoe is a great Ontario fishing destination. We had a chance to discuss fishing with Guide Steve Rowbotham. This is what he had to say about Lake Simcoe, fishing and family.

GFN: First of all, you have a beautiful family. Your son is very young but what are the lessons about or through fishing that you hope to impart to him over the years?

Thanks Chris. My son Henry just turned 2, so he's not quite ready for a day on the water. Obviously, I hope he will enjoy fishing and the outdoors the same way that I do, but I would never force it on him. I will certainly teach him to respect nature and respect our fisheries. Practice catch and release and volunteer for conservation efforts. Those are values that I hold dearly and hope to pass that on.

GFN: Your wife fishes with you. What does it mean to you to have a partner in life that enjoys fishing and outdoors like you do?

It's make or break in my case. My wife and I met at a young age and the first time I took her fishing she landed a dozen good smallies on a topwater. She was hooked and so was I. Fishing for myself and many others, is an addiction, albeit a healthy one. It means the world to have a wife that respects my passion and encourages it all the same. When I ask buddies to go fishing and their wives won't let them, it pains my soul.

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Maryland's Chesapeake Assassin

posted on September 20, 2016
chesapeake a 01 Maryland's Chesapeake Assassin

The moment I check out Capt. Sean Gon'Ketchum aka Chesapeake Assassin I knew I wanted to do an interview. This guy looks like he has so much fun fishing and also catches a ton of Maryland bass. Thanks Sean for sharing about your fishing and love of the Chesapeake Bay.

GFN: Based on following you on Instagram and YouTube, you have a fun time fishing. Why do you love fishing so much?

I grew up in South Baltimore City in Maryland and there's a lot of things you can do...good and bad. I chose fishing as a way to temporarily escape the struggles of city life. Water is everywhere and its always been my favorite escape from reality.

GFN: You fish for a ton of different species. What is your favorite freshwater fish species to catch and why?

Favorite fresh fish - Smallmouth bass
Favorite brackish fish - Largemouth bass
Favorite salt fish - Striped bass

Why? No live bait needed. I live to trick fish.

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Ontario's TheFishingNutt Catches Musky

posted on September 22, 2016
alex n 02 Ontario's TheFishingNutt Catches Musky

Alex Nutt is an Ottawa, Ontario muskie hunter. Scratch that. Alex is a big fish hunter and judging by his Instagram, a very successful one. So, we tapped his brain a bit about how he is so successful.

GFN: You seem to have a really good habit of catching big trophy fish. What do you consider overall your top keys to catching trophy fish regardless of species?

The most important thing to me is knowledge of the species. As a musky angler, I am aware that big fish are more likely to feed just before a storm rolls in, or on peak lunar days. I always try to plan trips around these times for a shot at bigger musky. It is also very important to learn about the forage of the species you are targeting. Forage species also have seasonal movements and this can influence where your target fish can be found.

GFN: Lets now talk about your muskie fishing. In a recent Instagram photo after catching a big muskie, you wrote that it is important to have the right gear. What do you mean by that?

Having the right gear is extremely important in musky fishing for a variety of reasons. The most important being the health of the fish, to ensure the future of our musky fisheries, they should be released as quick as possible.

To safely release a big musky, you will need a big net to land the fish, making sure it is big enough to keep the fish underwater as you remove the hooks. To safely remove the hooks from a big toothy musky, you will need long needle nose pliers and jaw spreaders to avoid injury to you and the fish. If the musky is hooked in a sensitive area, or even just really stuck in the mouth I cut the hooks below the barb to remove the lure. Hooks are a lot less expensive then losing a breeding musky to poor handling.

Other considerations are heavy duty musky rods and reels to ensure the fight is short as possible, targeting musky on bass gear will tire them out and increase their chances of dying post release.

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FLW Fishing Costa Series Angler Sullivan Brownhill

posted on September 21, 2016
sullivan b 02 FLW Fishing Costa Series Angler Sullivan Brownhill

I noticed that Sullivan has had a great rookie season on the FLW Fishing Costa Series. So, I wanted to find out about his season went, and I appreciate he was willing to take some time to share about his tournament fishing.

GFN: You just finished your first year on the FLW Fishing Costa Series. Congrats. What was the best moment of the tournament season for you, the moment you were like this is why I am doing this?

Man, it was a great experience. I would have to say the best moment of the tournament came on day 2 of the 1000 islands tournament. After a horrible first day of fishing and conditions, 4/5 foot rollers all day, and throwing my only fish back in the water from day 1, which i would later learn a huge lesson from...I ended up smacking em and bringing in over 14lbs. That whole day even though it started out slow was just magical. I was fishing in a way I had never really fished before, with a bait I had never seen until the night before day 2.

I kept my mind clear and focused on the task ahead and got it done. Sadly, had I weighed in my fish from day 1 I would have cashed a paycheck, a tough pill to swallow and a huge mistake on my part. But now I know that every ounce truly counts and to never throw away a fish!

GFN: What was the toughest or most challenging moment for your this season?

The most challenging part I would have to say is everything but the fishing. Of course, the fishing can be tough sometimes but I am used to that. The time on the road, the long nights, the tackle prep, pretty much everything that goes into doing these can be a big challenge. Especially the money aspect. It ended up being quite a bit more than I originally had thought. But man if you stick with it and cash that first check, its a great feeling and one that I intend on feeling again very soon!

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Interview with Maryland's Water Warrior Fishing - Part 2

posted on September 21, 2016
water warrior 05 Interview with Maryland's Water Warrior Fishing - Part

We had such a great time talking with David from Water Warrior Fishing that we had to divide it into 2 parts. If you didn't read the first part, read it here. If you enjoyed the first part, you are definitely going to love the second. I love how open David is about sharing his fishing knowledge with us.

GFN: I want to ask you about the Upper Potomac. Can you describe that fishery to anyone who hasn't been there before?

Surprisingly enough, I don't have extensive knowledge of the Upper Potomac River, I'm actually a lot more familiar with the lower reaches of the river, starting at Washington DC and headed south. Throughout the past year and a half I have tried to make my way out to the Upper Potomac as much as possible, but without having a watercraft suitable for the rocky terrain that comprises the Upper Potomac, I have been limited to summer trips only by foot.

A lot of people would argue that my aluminum Jon is the perfect watercraft for that type of water, but I just haven't been willing to risk my lower unit on the motor or risk busting a hole in the hull from a big boulder. The Upper Potomac is littered with big chunks of rock, and sneaky shallow areas. Fishing the Upper Potomac on foot is not something I would recommend unless you are physically fit, and confident in your ability to swim. It is physically draining, and it requires walking out through quite heavy rapids to the middle of the main river.

The depth is not an issue as it only gets to about 6 feet in the deepest sections that I fish, but headed further north you could not do this on foot at all. From an area called Riley’s lock, south to Swains Lock, there is adequate shoreline access from which you can do exactly what I did in my recent YouTube video, where I headed out right to the middle of the river and fished for those smallmouth.

If I had to describe this fishery to someone that was unfamiliar with it, I would say that it is a relatively shallow, moderately moving, non-tidal River. It includes grass in the summertime in fairly large amounts, especially in particular sections heading north from Great Falls, Maryland. There is good smallmouth action and an adequate number of largemouth in some sections as well.

You can do some really good fishing right behind Trump golf course which is located in Loudoun County Virginia across the river from Maryland. As you head north towards Edwards ferry and Dickerson Maryland, there are grass patch is pretty much littering the whole river end of the smallmouth are usually always relating to it in the warmer months.

As for the colder months, I'd imagine I could get them up shallow, but I have not had any experience with that yet. That will change this fall as I have purchased a small plastic watercraft that I will also do a video review on soon! I plan on getting a lot of experience on the Upper Potomac this fall and headed into next year. Another attribute of the Upper Potomac is its abundance of big boulders, smallmouth love hiding behind these and use these current breaks as places to hide and feed. I'll be interested to see how big the smallmouth get out here; I have seen many 3 to 4 pound fish caught. I wish I could give you more information on the Upper Potomac, but I hope to be able to do so in due time.

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Interview with Fishaholic Rich J

posted on September 20, 2016
rich j 01 Interview with Fishaholic Rich J

To say I am impressed with Rich J of FishAholic Fishing is an understatement. This young man not only fishes all of the time but has also branded himself very well reaching over 11,000 subscribers on YouTube. We were able to get him to take a short break from his fishing and filming to find out a little more about what he does.

GFN: I have to be honest with you. I am not sure where to start. I have so many questions for you that to limit them to just 8 is near impossible. Lets start getting to know you a bit. What is it about fishing that makes you so passionate about it?

What I love about fishing and what keeps bringing me back for more is the challenge, mystery, and thrill. Everyday fishing is different and its like putting together a puzzle to find fish and catch them. I try and plan my outings weeks before I even go fishing for my best chance of success. So if I'm fishing on the 10th I was planning and thinking about fishing this day on the 4th or the 5th I try and stay ahead of the game. But if I misfire I keep coming back for more until I succeed.

GFN: You have a ton of videos. Why is it important for you to share what you do through video?

Growing up I fished pretty much every day even after school or after soccer practice with my father. He was very competitive and so was I. We would pick a new body of water on a map go there try and figure it out which would sometimes take a day or even a few days, then we would pick a new spot. Usually we would split up to try and see who could catch the most fish or the biggest fish and too many times I would catch a really big fish but had no proof so it became another fish story. Therefore once I left for college and was kinda on my own I wanted to have proof and share what I was catching with my father, friends, and family so now they all tell the stories for me through my videos.

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Interview with Ontario's B.S. Angler

posted on September 20, 2016
ben s 01 Interview with Ontario's B.S. Angler

Ben Scriver is the B.S. Angler. We discuss his Simcoe County favorite waters, canoes, the French River and much more. Great interview with a lot of B.S.

GFN: Living in the 705 of Ontario, what are your favorite local home waters?

Hailing from Simcoe County, my favourite bodies of water to hit are definitely a mixed bag. With the Nottawasaga River and the Pine River in my backyard, they're always an option if driving a little further is out of the question.

I try to fish Severn and Washago if I can, but I usually stick to the rivers as well, due to the lack of a pleasure craft...they are canoe only.

All in all, my favourite place to fish in the 705 would have to be the French River. My grandfather has owned a campground, Great Escape Cabins, there for the past 17 years and I've been fishing the French ever since. Whether its a lunker Bass or a little rocket pike, fishing on the French River is always fun, and the fish are always biting.

GFN: You recently posted about heading up north. Where in Northern Ontario are your getaway spots?

My getaway spot is most definitely the French River. Nothing but peace and quiet, healthy/hungry fish, amazing wildlife, friendly people, and a gorgeous landscape. I couldn't ask for anything more!

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Interview with Maine's Youtuber Ted Cole

posted on September 19, 2016
ted c 01 Interview with Maine's Youtuber Ted Cole

Ted Cole is a Maine Youtuber. He catches a lot of beautiful Maine bass and does a great job putting videos together to show others how he does it. Ted took some time to tell us a bit more about his fishing and videos.

GFN: What got you into doing YouTube videos?

I got into doing fishing videos for a few reasons. First of all I love fishing, and I've fished for most of my life. Along the way I've learned a lot and have always enjoyed teaching people what I know to try to help them on the water.

To go along with my passion for fishing, I've always had a passion for filming as well. Most of the filming I've done over the years has been music videos for local artists around the state of Maine, which are also on YouTube. Recently I've drifted away from producing music videos, but still had the urge to film. I decided to take my fishing and video ability to make something fun and educational that people can enjoy and learn from.

GFN: Your videos focus on techniques. Is that the theme you plan to stay with for your videos?

I started these videos to try to focus on techniques for fishing, I feel as though most of the people on YouTube looking at fishing videos are of a younger age group and are looking to learn. Not all my videos will be about technique, but a high percentage of them definitely will have that theme.

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Interview with PA's John Cook

posted on September 19, 2016
john c 02 Interview with PA's John Cook

I have a little bit of a bias in doing interviews for GoFishingNow.com. I love talking to my fellow PA anglers. The Keystone State has a lot of great fisheries and learning more about waters that I can easily get to is wonderful. I was really happy when PA's John Cook agreed to discuss his fishing. John is an accomplished fisherman with a lot of information to share.

GFN: You catch some very impressive Pennsylvania bass. What do you consider your favorite PA bass waters?

Thank you! I fish mostly in Northeast PA now. My favorites are probably too small to admit to...lol...but I do have a huge love/hate relationship with Lake Wallenpaupack. I have had some amazing days there; it has also humbled me faster than anywhere else. I love that it has about everything there, large and smallmouth bass, bluff banks, deep channels, big points, pads, docks, grass, wood, pretty much anything. If you want to learn, and don’t get discouraged easy, it’s a good lake to be around.

GFN: Which is your favorite to target, largemouth or smallmouth

I love them both of course. But when it comes to fun fishing smallmouth will always have my heart. They are gorgeous, fight hard, and help keep me learning. Just when I think I might be figuring this fishing thing out, they put me in my place and leave me scratching my head. Ask me if I like them after an unsuccessful morning and I will give you a different answer, but they are worth the hard work.

GFN: What are your favorite methods to target smallmouth bass?

It took me a long time, and I am still working on it, but love sight fishing for them when possible. Also fall is coming up, and when they are schooled up and feeding hard for winter, life long memories can be made in a short period of time. I also love fishing light line spinning gear, often a big part of clear water smallmouth fishing.

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Interview with New York's Tony Corey

posted on September 16, 2016
tony c 01 Interview with New York's Tony Corey

I love fishing New York. Its such an amazing fishing State. Tony Corey broke down some of his favorite New York waters.

GFN: You are sponsored by Stanley jigs. What is it about this company that you are proud to represent?

Stanley Jigs / Hale Lure Company make some great products. The Ribbit Series frogs and hooks they make are hands down the best quality I have used.

My 2017 tournament schedule will be fished excusively with Stanley products.

GFN: You are part of the National Pro Staff. Do you recommend it to others considering joining and what do you like about it?

I am fairly new to National Pro Staff. So far I am impressed with the ability to connect with companies and other anglers. Any opportunity to learn and grow is worth jumping on. For anyone looking to further their fishing career NPS is a great starting point. My current sponsor opportunities have come via NPS, so I can verify that it is legit.

GFN: Next, I thought it would be great to breakdown some of the New York waters that you have fished recently. Cossayuna Lake is a little lake in Northeast New York. You pulled a 4lber out of its waters. How would you describe this fishery to those who haven't fished it before?

Cossayuna is one of the best bass lakes I have fished. While it is small, it does offer some sharp drops, and great weed beds to pull monsters from. My 4lber came in shallow water on a Storm Chug bug. There are much larger bass to be found tho. I would guess an average 5 fish bag would be in the area of 15lbs with a near 20 potential.

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Time to Watch the Reel Deal Fishing Show

posted on September 16, 2016
richie m Time to Watch the Reel Deal Fishing Show

I love what YouTube has done for fishing. The Reel Deal Fishing Show is a great example of the quality of fishing information and entertainment you can find online. Richie Moschella agreed to discuss with us his fishing and also his work on the show. For the young YouTuber's who follow GoFishingNow, this is a great read from someone who has been doing this since 2009.

GFN: I love your show. Your on screen approach is great. Its relaxed, informative and engaging. I can binge watch your episodes with ease. When did you first get started in making shows?

The Reel Deal Fishing Show was launched in 2009 with our 1st episode premiering on YouTube. It was a fantastic way to reach everyday anglers and showcase the content of the show. The idea was simple to showcase techniques and locations that produced fish.

Our home state is New Jersey and you see it focused on throughout the series but we also added trips like Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maine. No matter where you are watching from our approach and simplifying how we are catching fish makes learning new techniques and how fish react in different seasons to baits all across the country.

We showcased local anglers and some of the top pros in the industry that become the spotlight light of their episode and really keep it reel and change things up a bit by their appearance.

The foundation of the show is simple, show real conditions on all of our trips. We don't get to pick the best day for shooting and we are faced with all the conditions that the everyday angler faces when they go to the water. Sometimes we have great success and sometimes the fish did not cooperate but through it all the show bring you information and makes you feel like your along for the ride.

Keeping the show on YouTube no longer then ten minutes is key for our viewers to binge watch before a fishing trip or even on the boat chasing fish! Besides being on YouTube in New Jersey the show is airs on Cablevision Public Access TV and the half hour version goes out to thousands of viewers in New Jersey.

It all came down to my passion to educate the public on fishing opportunities and get people hooked on this great sport anyone can get involved in the sport no matter what skill level you are and grow as an angler, with the help of great teachers. I had some great help along the way and if I can pay it forward that is the Reel Deal to me.

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Interview with Ontario's Radz Outdoors

posted on September 15, 2016
kris r 001 Interview with Ontario's Radz Outdoors

In this interview, we discuss Ontario bass and muskie fishing with Kris from Radz Outdoors. Kris has some great fishing videos on YouTube and his Instagram page has some awesome pics.

He discusses a lot in this article including fishing the slop for bass and from shore for muskie. He offers some great advice including his thoughts on braid versus flurocarbon in shallow water for spooky fish. Lots to learn from this interview. So read on...

GFN: You catch some very impressive Ontario largemouth bass. What are your three favorite big bass waters in Ontario and what makes them your favorites?

Thank you but I'm still looking for an Ontario 6 pounder. The lake where I do the majority of my bass fishing is actually the lake I first learned to fish on. Its a fairly big lake close to Kingston but that's all I'll say about "lake x".

My two other favorites would have to be the Rideau River and the small lakes scattered throughout the Ottawa valley. Everyone knows the Rideau, but there's something about those "google map" lakes that gets me. Most people think trout when talking about small remote lakes, but its incredible the potential these lakes have to hold huge bass. My biggest bass this summer came from one of these lakes.

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Fishing Ontario with Rose Vanrooy

posted on September 15, 2016
rose v 02 Fishing Ontario with Rose Vanrooy

Instagram is such a glimpse into the fish catching abilities and habits of fishermen and fisherwomen. Ontario's Rose Vanrooy considers herself addicted to fishing and judging by her posts we have to agree. She fishes every chance she gets. If she has a couple of hours, even before work, she is out catching bass and walleye. So, I was really excited when Rose agreed to an interview to let us learn more about this really cool and successful multi-species angler!

GFN: Your Instagram page is such a great display of so many different species. What got you started into fishing?

What got me started fishing was my Father and my Brother. They both are fishing addicts to say the least. When I was a little girl I fished with my family a lot on camping trips, when going out on our boat on Lake Erie and various other lakes and even fishing the pond up the street from our farm house. All while growing up fishing was my passion.

GFN: If you were only allowed to fish for one species for a year, which would it be and why?

If I was only allowed to fish for one species for a year, I would have to choose Muskie. I enjoy the adrenaline rush I get when one smashes my lure/bait. My heart beats so fast when I feel that initial hit on the end of my line and the power in these fish is unbelievable. Not knowing how big the fish is and the anticipation of whether or not it's going to jump out of the water is such an exciting feeling. My favorite part is releasing the fish back to it's habitat and watching it swim away. Sometimes you may even get a nice big splash as it waves goodbye.

GFN: What are your favorite techniques for fishing for muskie?

When I am targeting Muskie, I will troll or cast the weed lines, drop offs and the points/islands in and around the lake I am fishing. I usually target Muskie in 4-16 feet of water depending on the time of the year, time of the day and the temperature of the water. The type of lures/baits I like to use vary depending on the depth of the water, color of the water and time of the year you are fishing for Muskie.

When trolling I troll speeds from 3-5mph and when casting I will reel in at a fairly quick pace but also mix it up and slow it down or make a quick pause while reeling in. What has been successful for me is the Berkley Flicker Shads, larger size ones, Mepps bucktails, Mepps Tandem Muskie Killer, Live Target Sucker Stick Bait, Rapala Super Shad Rap in Perch Pattern. I really feel that if Muskie are hungry they will eat almost anything.

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Interview with Musky Addict Matt McArthur

posted on September 14, 2016
matt m 002 Interview with Musky Addict Matt McArthur

Musky guys are such a unique breed. They cast after cast without even a follow. Yet, they seemingly never get discouraged. When they get that reward, it makes all of us impressed. Matt McArthur from Ontario is an example of a true Musky guy. Looking at his Instagram, you can't help but be impressed with the fish he lands. Matt took some time to share his pursuit of big muskellunge.

GFN: Your Instagram page is a musky trophy case. What is the thrill of musky fishing for you?

The thrill of musky fishing to me is the chase! I have been an avid angler my entire life and only recently started to mainly target musky. There’s just something about putting in hard work to land a very sought after species. The reward itself is something that can quickly become very addictive, I’m not totally sure what it is but it is a very addictive fish to chase and catch!

GFN: What are your three favorite Ontario waters to cast for muskie?

Living in southwest Ontario, I mainly only spend time on Lake St Clair, yes I’m very lucky and don’t for one day take if for granted that I have a world-class fishery at my doorstep! Lake St Clair speaks for itself as to why it is so special; as I mentioned I have only been targeting musky for 1 and a half years but St. Clair holds a very good number of fish and a very good number of BIG fish; your shot at a 50”+ fish is a very realistic shot every time you go fishing! Still working for mine!

GFN: Muskie have been called a fish of 10,000 casts, which is something that keeps a lot of people from targeting them. What are the mental techniques you use to keep you focused in between fish?

Staying positive is key; you have to think you are going to get bit and always be ready…. Like mental toughness in other sports, the moment you doubt something it just wont happen. I stay very positive between fish and know from experience the only way to catch another one is to just keep fishing and believe in what you are doing!

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Review of Maine's Rideout's Lodge by Chris M

posted on September 13, 2016
chris m 001 Review of Maine's Rideout's Lodge by Chris M

This site is all about learning from other fishermen and fisherwomen about the amazing fishing in the Northeast. I contacted Chris M about his opinions on Maine's Rideout's Lodge on East Grand Lake. Chris took the time to provide so much information for anyone considering a Maine fishing trip.

GFN: How long have you been fishing at East Grand Lake and Rideout's?

My grandfather, my mom's father, took my father to East Grand Lake for the first time in 1982. They went several times and then life got in the way for a number of years. In 1993 my dad took me and his 2 brothers, all of our first times. I was 10.

We stayed at multiple camps throughout the early years 93'-05', but always took a ride around the lake on rainy days or when we were done fishing for the day, and would use the pay phone at Rideouts. We always marveled at the nice dock, restaurant, and nice cabins, relative to where we were staying. Eventually we said, why don't we just stay there? Sort of a 'it's never too late to fix a mistake' realization.

So I have been fishing the lake for 23 years, I am 33 now, and staying at Rideout's for the past 11 and counting, and most times multiple trips per year. May for landlocked salmon and lake trout after the ice out, June for the smallmouth bass spawn, and September for landlocked again.

GFN: What do you love about fishing this lake?

The peacefulness, the lack of other boats/people, the other wildlife around...bald eagles, moose, bear, foxes, and the signature loons...the character of each 'secret' spot and the names that go along with them...both the real names like Big English cove, Haley's cove, Patterson cove, and the family nicknames we have given to others, such as Bullfrog cove and the infamous Secret cove.

The fishing is so good because of the tranquility and lack of overfishing. Coming from New York and going to places like Lake George, it is like another planet. No jet skis, tubing, water skiing, speed boats, loud music. Those things are all fun and good, but not conducive to catching 200 smallies or 30 salmon a day.

Interview with Maryland's FLW Pro Melvin Smitson

posted on September 13, 2016
melvin s 01 Interview with Maryland's FLW Pro Melvin Smitson

Melvin Smitson is an up and coming pro from Maryland. He fishes the FLW and recently was invited to be part of the selective FLW Nationals. Melvin has a long list of sponsors with Zeko Shoes as his 2016 Title Sponsor. Melvin took some time to discuss tournament fishing with us as well as a few techniques for fishing his favorite body of water, the Potomac River.

GFN: First of all, congratulations on making the FLW Nationals. What does that achievement mean to you?

I'm incredibly honored that I received a TOUR invitational letter from such a 1st class origination like FLW and I encourage anyone that received this letter to fish if they can. Both FLW TOUR Invitational tournaments represent outstanding opportunities to advance your bass fishing career win, lose or draw. If I'm fortunate enough to fish one or both of these tournaments I will be looking to make a name for myself on and off the water. With television coverage, TV interviews, radio interviews, video interviews, podcast interviews, newspaper interviews, magazine interviews, website interviews, social media postings and blog interviews just like this one here at GoFishingNow.com. Who knows what all of the increased exposure on the highest level of the sport could mean for your bass fishing career but one thing is for sure...you will never know if you don't get yourself out there and try to make it happen. Follow your dreams...

GFN: How long have you been a professional fisherman?

I started fishing as a Co-Angler with FLW in 2007 and turned into a professional FLW angler in 2012.

GFN: What was your most memorable tournament?

My most memorable tournament probably would be the 2011 FLW TOUR OPEN Potomac River tournament that I finished 23rd place as Co - Angler in. That tournament gave me the confidence and the drive to someday compete on the FLW TOUR level as a pro. It also led to my first boat purchase the following season, 2012, so that I could control my own destiny.

Interview with Ontario's S.E.M Outdoors

posted on September 12, 2016
sem outdoors 001 Interview with Ontario's S.E.M Outdoors

When we talked to Chris Harper, Dave C, and Tyler Harper, they all said the same thing...they love Mega Jigs from SEM Outdoors. So, I checked out their products on their site and immediately became impressed with their lineup of products. Owner Steve Eric-Markovic took some time to answer a few of my questions.

GFN: Let me start with your history. How did you get into the lure making industry?

It all started a few years ago with my partner Mike and I making tube jigs for big Lake Erie smallmouth that were super strong but not too bulky and would fit into a tube without slicing it on the inside. At about the same time we also wanted flipping jigs with the worlds sharpest hook “Trokar” but everyone we talked to said they were too expensive and what they made was “good enough”….. We didn’t want good enough, we wanted the best. So we decided we would just start making what we wanted. We did and word got out…. We made jigs for a few avid anglers and a few tournament guys with them all saying the same thing… “why aren’t you guys selling these in tackle shops??” The following year we decided we would brand and make them available. I think this is a pretty common story in our industry.

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Interview with Delaware's Bass Fisherman, Josh Rhoades

posted on September 12, 2016
josh r 01 Interview with Delaware's Bass Fisherman Josh Rhoades

There are guys that you when see their Instagram page, you just know they know how to fish! Josh Rhoades from Delaware is one of those guys. Josh knows how to catch big bass, both smallmouth and largemouth. He provides a lot of great information including some of his favorite fishing destinations in New York.

GFN: Your Instagram photo page is bass after bass that make me drool. How long have you been fishing and what was your first big bass that you caught?

I have been fishing since I was 5 or 6 with my dad but it was mostly for panfish, catfish and saltwater. I started really getting into bass fishing about 7 or 8 years ago. Once I got the bass bug it probably took me a year or two and lots of time on the water to catch my first 5 pounder, which is a good fish for Delaware waters. After that first 5 pounder it really pushed me to keep fishing and trying to learn as much as possible about the sport.

GFN: You list your favorite co-angler as your beautiful girlfriend, Mikayla. There is a shot of you both on the front deck in Alexandria Bay that is fantastic. What makes fishing with her so special?

Everything about it. We both simply love being on the water regardless of if we are catching them or not, and doing that together just makes it even better. She is anxious to learn everything about the sport and I really enjoy sharing what I know with her.

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Interview with C&C Bait Company

posted on September 9, 2016
c c custom baits Interview with C&C Bait Company

I love custom bait makers and recently discovered C&C Custom Baits. Wayne Cerinetti took some time to answer our questions about this New York company and their products.

GFN: How long have you been making custom baits and what got you started?

About 30 years. When I was about 10 years old my grandfather got me hooked up with a man named Art Marioni who was making hair jigs for a then small local sporting goods store named Dick's Sporting Goods. I learned to pour heads, dye bucktails, and tie hair jigs. My passion for fishing pushed me to making all sorts of my own tackle from plugs to spinnerbaits, and my favorites the jig.

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Fishing New York with Brad Paradis

posted on September 9, 2016
brad paradis 01 Fishing New York with Brad Paradis

As a Pennsylvanian, I love going to New York to fish. New York has world class fisheries that provide great fishing destinations for its residents and all of us in the Northeast. I am so happy that Brad Paradis agreed to do this interview as this guy knows many of the best New York waters.

GFN: You are a very active tournament fisherman. What do you love so much about tournament angling?

The competition. I’ve always been a competitive person and the day I fished my first tournament when I was 16 years old I was hooked. I feel like tournament bass fishing forces you to become a more diverse angler. You don’t get to choose what day you’re going out to fish. You have to perform at your peak on a specific day, regardless of weather conditions, time of season, whatever may happen to your equipment that day, on a specific body of water that you may struggle at, or anything else that gets thrown your way. Basically you’re forced to fish when it’s not nice out and the fish may not be biting well, and I love that challenge.

GFN: What is your proudest tournament fishing moment, a time when you said to yourself "this is why I do this"?

In 2013 I took my oldest daughter, who was 7 years old at the time to a junior bass tournament for the day. She was so excited and by the end of the day she was exhausted. She was passing out on the truck ride home but she managed to catch her limit of smallmouth on the St. Lawrence and weigh in all by herself. She was so proud and talks about it still today. That is something I won’t ever forget and was one of those moments where I realized how much I love this sport and how amazing it is to share with my family.

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Chris Fournier Landing Nets: The Work of a Fine Craftsman

posted on September 8, 2016
chris fournier 003 Chris Fournier Landing Nets: The Work of a Fine Craftsman

Imagine buying a fish net that you can expect to last through years of hard fishing, that as it ages it gains character, that has been made through the meticulous lens of a true craftsman. Well, that is what you get with Chris Fournier Landing Nets.

In this interview Chris details his perspective and process on building these quality nets. I don't own one of these nets, yet! I think you will be like me and put these on your "must have" list after reading this fantastic interview.

GFN: So how did you get into producing landing nets?

I got into fly fishing in my late twenties and of course poured my money into it. It was not lost on me, even at that time that there was a lot of very fine gear out there but what seemed to be missing was a landing net that could match a rod or reel for beauty and craftsmanship. I was a guitar maker at the time and thought that making my own landing net would be fun. Turns out I was right. I made a batch of 8 I think, I kept one, I gave one to a pal and sold the rest. My local fishing shop was interested in selling them – the beginning.

GFN: How long have you been making and selling the nets?

22 years or a bit longer. As I mentioned I sold nets from my first run.

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Ontario's Argosgirl Outdoors

posted on September 8, 2016
rebecca v 001 Ontario's Argosgirl Outdoors

We have done a lot of great interviews here at Go Fishing Now. Each has been special in its own way. This one to me is particularly special as it is the first fisherwoman I have had a chance to interview.

You may have noticed that a lot of places we take the time to write "fishermen and fisherwomen". For us, this is not about political correctness but rather a way to respect the role that women anglers are playing in our great sport. This interview demonstrates how critical this role is in so many ways.

So read on to learn more about the journey of Rebecca Vito, of Argosgirl Outdoors, journey into fishing and her work in spreading the fishing bug that she clearly has caught.

GFN: I understand from reading your blog, that you only caught the fishing bug a few years ago. So, how did you get started in fishing?

Quite simply, I met a guy. Other than a camping trip or two as a child, I had never fished until about six years ago. I had no desire to go fishing, but I ended up moving in with a fish-a-holic who gave me a fishing rod and tackle for our first Christmas together, when I really needed a new winter coat and boots. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I decided not to be angry about it, and when spring rolled around he started taking me down to the creek that ran through the farm we lived on.

Though it took a few trips for me to hook into my first brook trout, I found that I started looking forward to the time spent by the water. My first trip crappie fishing sealed the deal – I caught more fish than I’d ever seen before and my face hurt from smiling so much. After that, fishing just became a part of my life. That guy, Darrell, probably has more pictures on the blog than I do. He was smart enough to take his time introducing me to fishing, and in return, he ended up with a permanent fishing partner.

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Time For Some Hotshots TV

posted on September 7, 2016
Tom BigBass Time For Some Hotshots TV

I noticed these New England fishermen on Instagram and saw they are working on their own fishing TV show. In doing this interview, I soon realized that Carter and Tommy have a great vision for what they want to do with the show. While Hotshots is not out yet, I am sure this interview will get you excited for this new take on fishing television.

GFN: Hotshots Fishing is a new fishing show coming this fall. What can you tell us about what the show will be all about?

Each episode of our show will be centered around a particular body of water or a specific region. A lot of fishing shows will go spend a day out on the water and shoot whatever the day brings, but for us it is rarely a one-day affair. Sometimes Tommy and I will spend days and even weeks fishing an area until we get something that we feel is worthy of hanging our hat on. Sure, there will be plenty of average catches mixed in, but we really want to make sure we don’t leave until we get something that catches our viewers’ attention. We will have boat segments on every episode, but we are really shore fisherman by nature, which is another unique aspect of our show. We’re really just a couple guys trying to hit the water from all angles until we get what we’re looking for. We’ll pull in local fisherman and pros to help us out along the way and give us advice. And we can’t forget about the comedic aspect of the show. Tommy & I will be putting together some pretty funny stuff to help mix it up.

GFN: When and where will folks be able to watch the show?

Right now, we have some options with both FOX and MyRI TV in the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts markets but the level of sponsorship we’re able to obtain will determine which station we go with. We’ve been given the green light to start airing episodes whenever we’re ready, but quite frankly, we started filming very late in the season and we’re just trying to get an episode or two out before winter right now.

2017 will most likely bring the first “Full” season of Hotshots Fishing. Depending on the station we go with, our show will air on either Saturday or Sunday morning. It sounds cliché, but filming a show is turning out to be a lot harder than we initially thought. It’s not catching the fish that’s the tough part, its making sure you get all the right angles and audio because you really only get one chance to capture it.

Luckily, we’ve had some help from Tony over at GetBentTV, who’s probably saved us years on both the production and fishing learning curves. He’s really been a great resource to both Tommy and myself, and being able to pick his brain with fishing show questions has been a very valuable resource for us.


Ontario Tournament Fishing: Interview with Adam Lariviere

posted on September 7, 2016
adam l 001 Ontario Tournament Fishing: Interview with Adam Lariviere

I first noticed Adam Lariviere when he posted a photo of his new Team Canada Ardent Jersey. Very cool jersey and with a little more investigation, I quickly found that Adam is a very skilled fisherman. I appreciate that he took the time to fill us in on some of his favorite tackle, his perspective on Catch and Release and fishing Ontario's Muskrat Lake.

GFN: One of your most recent posts on Twitter is a photo that describes the growth rate of smallmouth bass and that an 18 incher is 8 to 10 years old. As a recreational and tournament angler, what are some of the catch and release techniques you pay attention to and how have they changed over the years?

I would say that C & R tactics have evolved in a huge way that have improved every angler's chance at catching "the big one". Bigger fish are being caught every year. Global warming is a major contributor, but smarter fish handling is also a factor.

Competitive bass fishing has certainly helped to educate the angling community about proper catch and release tactics. Tactics range from ensuring you have sufficient equipment to ensure the fight is as fast as possible for both you and the fish, to simply ensuring your live well is performing at it's best. I personally fill my live wells up with the coolest water that I can find on the body of water that I am fishing and continue to aerate the water all day long. After a fish is boated, I will attach my Ardent culling system to the bottom lip of the fish, take a quick weight measurement and carefully drop my fish in the live well.

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Get To Know Davi Lopes from Massachusetts

posted on September 6, 2016
davi lopes 003 Get To Know Davi Lopes from Massachusetts

Davi Lopes was one of the first people I noticed when starting the Go Fishing Now Twitter account. I love how he transparently discusses his progression as a fisherman in 140 characters or less every time. Happy that Davi agreed to tell us about his fishing journey without the character limits.

GFN: Your profile states you are a fisherman trying to "learn and teach as you go". How long have you been fishing seriously and what got you started in the sport?

I've fished all my life, ever since I was a little boy my dad and grandfather would always take us fishing in Brazil. When I was 15 we moved to the United States and for about 12 years I didn't do much fishing. This year I became friends with a few guys that love fishing and that sparked my love for the sport again. Bass fishing is very different than what I used to do in Brazil. So now I read tons of articles and watch YouTube videos to learn and become a better fisherman.

GFN: At this point in your fishing career, what have been the most important lessons you have learned about fishing that you think others should know?

You must be patient. If I had to give someone only one advice that would be it. If I was not patient I would've never caught my personal best this year. Sometimes you might not catch anything the whole day so you really have to be patient and not give up. The day you go out and catch a lot of fish will make everything worth it. So be patient and keep fishing.

GFN: What areas of fishing are you currently working to improve?

The first area I worked on this year was my topwater game, specially the frog. I missed so many fish because I wouldn't wait long enough before setting the hook. I feel very confident fishing the frog today. Now I'm currently working on learnings how to properly use a jig and plastics. Specially now during the summer months when the fish go deep to hide from the sun.

GFN: You have been posting a bunch of impressive largemouth on your Twitter page lately. What do you consider your home waters and what makes each of them special?

My home waters are definitely the lakes and ponds i've been fishing in Massachusetts. Specially the A-1 in Westborough MA. I fished there for about 2 months in a row 3 times a week so I'm pretty confident now fishing there. I love that reservoir because of the topwater hits I get there every time I go there. The smallest fish I caught there was a 2lber. The largest one so far was a 4lber.


Catch Fishing Agrees with Us: Go Fishing Now

posted on August 30, 2016
sarah mcmichael 001 Catch Fishing Agrees with Us: Go Fishing Now

We caught up with Catch Fishing's Sarah McMichael, who is their Media Correspondent for National Fishing Week. Sarah enlightened us about their work and how all of us can get involved with their work across Canada to get more people out fishing.

GFN: What is the Catch Fishing organization and how did it get started?

Catch Fishing is a national initiative focused on celebrating recreational fishing in Canada, and encouraging more Canadians to get outdoors and go fishing! Catch Fishing is run by the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association and the Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation. It was started in 2000 by the former president of the CSIA Rick Amsbury.

GFN: You promote Canada's National Fishing Week. How did the idea start? And what's the purpose to promoting a specific week of fishing?

Rick Amsbury was also responsible for establishing National Fishing Week 16 years ago. Prior to National Fishing Week, Canada was lacking a country-wide celebration of our angling heritage. National Fishing Week filled that void, and has grown bigger each year with more giveaways, media interviews, and events occurring across the country each year.

National Fishing Week is one week a year where Canadians are encouraged to get outdoors with their friends and family, and go fishing! Fishing is a fantastic activity for so many reasons. It’s easy, affordable, and it can be peaceful or exciting. It’s also a Canadian heritage activity that is important to our economy too. Time in nature has a multitude of mental and physical health benefits, and fishing is a great way to get that necessary time away from all of the distractions of everyday life.


All About Fishing at Harman's Cabins in West Virginia

posted on August 29, 2016
harman s cabins 002 All About Fishing at Harman's Cabins in West Virginia

I first learned about Harman's Log Cabins in West Virginia through the review and video by Rob Rice from Appalachian Trophy TV. I immediately reached out to the folks at Harman's. Their General Manager Ed (pictured to the right with a good looking rainbow as part of a filming session) graciously agreed to the interview. He provides details on the fishing at and around Harman's as well as speaks about his love of fly fishing. Enjoy the interview.

GFN: I want to get into the details of the fishing but would be remiss in not discussing the Cabins. Over 80% of guests on TripAdvisor rate you as 5 stars and nearly 95% of guests rate you at least 4 stars, why do people love staying with you so much?

Luxury Log Cabins with private trophy water at your doorstep in a beautiful setting!

GFN: What should people expect from customer service at your cabins?

Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in any way to make your experience more enjoyable!


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