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How was your last fishing trip? We would love to hear about it. From sharing pictures to interviewing you about the trip, we are constantly doing research to help other fishermen planning their next fishing vacation. Email chris@gofishingnow.com or message us through Facebook so that we can get your fishing stories on Go Fishing Now.

Go Fishing Now: The Best of Fishing in the Northeast

Quebec Bass Fishing: Interview with Ace Fishing QC

posted on August 26, 2016
ace fishing qc 01 Quebec Bass Fishing: Interview with Ace Fishing QC

If I would have had to guess what my first Quebec interview would be about, I would have bet on walleye, maybe northern pike. Probably about some remote waters in Northern Quebec.

Well, I certainly was wrong. Instead my first interview is with two bass guys from Montreal. And I am sure glad it was. Jeff and Jo of Ace Fishing QC not only know how to fish but also have such cool personalities. This interview fills us in on Quebec's Largemouth bass fishing opportunities, their fishing videos, and their trip with NHL great, Chris Nilan.

GFN: My #1 criteria for choosing who to interview is whether I would want to fish with the person. When I first started following you on Twitter and watching your YouTube videos, my first reaction was that the two of you would be so much fun to fish with. So, I want to start by asking Jeff, what makes Jo a great fishing partner? And Jo, what makes Jeff a great fishing partner?

Jeff: Knowing each other for more than 15 years from school to now, I don’t have a choice...haha...He is the one who brought me first fishing. So I’ve learn at the start from him and we’re always together, fishing as well as playing golf and hockey.

Jo: It’s a natural choice to fish with Jeff cause as he said, knowing each other for more than 15 years, it’s natural to choose your best friend to go.

Jeff: Yeah even if today I catch more fish and bigger one's...(laughter).

Jo: Yeah he catch bigger but not more...(laughter).

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Time For Some Ontario Kick Bass Fishing

posted on August 24, 2016
peter e 002 Time For Some Ontario Kick Bass Fishing

Lake Simcoe is an amazing fishery in Ontario known to produce big smallmouth bass. We had a chance to discuss Simcoe with Peter, aka @kick_bass_fishing on Instagram. We also discussed his "on the water office". Peter has an awesome rig. Enjoy the article...

GFN: What do you consider your favorite bass waters? What makes each one special to you?

My favourite bass fishing lake is Lake Simcoe due to the fact that it can produce some fairly large size bass throughout the fishing season. The tributary has progressed into a trophy smallmouth reservoir especially in the fall season. It is also a great Lake for largemouth and many other species such as white fish, lake trout, pike and even walleye.

Another fantastic lake on my list for fishing both smallmouth and largemouth bass would be Buckhorn. It's produced a number of good sized fish for me over the years. The lake has unbelievable structure for both species of bass and with so much structure including pads, sunken humps, steep drop offs and plenty of docks, the fish can be found quite easily which makes for an exciting day out on the water.

GFN: You fish an area with so many great bass lakes. Which lake do you recommend for fishermen and fisherwomen coming to your area for a fishing vacation?

This is a simple one to answer !! You are absolutely correct, we have a great selection of bass producing lakes in Ontario. We have our chain of lakes called the Kawartha lakes region that are all connected together and which all have great fishing opportunities for anyone coming to fish Ontario.

In my opinion if I was to visit Ontario specifically for a fishing trip, I'd definitely consider the months of October through late November to have a chance at landing a trophy smallmouth out of Lake Simcoe. It's an amazing experience with bass averaging anywhere in the 5 to 8lb range.

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Breaking Down Kawarthas Northumberland Fishing

posted on August 24, 2016
chris h 001 Breaking Down Kawarthas Northumberland Fishing

The Kawarthas Norhtumberland Region of Canada sits just above Lake Ontario and East of Toronto. This area is a destination easily accessible for those coming from the United States or Eastern Canada looking for a fishing vacation.

Due to its locations, the waters in this area are popular but that should not be equated with crowded or over-fished. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, lodge owners and local fishermen have done a great job managing these waters and practicing solid catch and release techniques. In my opinion, for those considering a bass or muskie Canadian fishing trip, the lakes of the Kawarthas Northumberland should be among your top location choices. Walleye, northern pike, crappie and panfish are all also available and ready to be targeted.

Chris Huskilson of Exist to Fish calls these waters home. He was kind enough to provide us with a breakdown of the region and the fishing opportunities within it. He also provided us some great photos of fish caught and released in the Kawarthas Northumberland.

GFN: Why do you love fishing the Kawarthas Northumberland region so much?

I have lived here my entire life and have no plans to leave. The region offers a very wide variety of species to target all within an hour’s drive. 350 lakes to be exact. I am a born and raised Kawartha's native. And the fishing is second to none!

GFN: You grew up fishing Rice Lake at an early age. How has the fishing on Rice Lake changed over the years?

My passion certainly began on the banks of Rice Lake Ontario. The fishing has certainly changed. And changed for the better! The slot limit on Walleye has dramatically improved the fishery from both a numbers and quality perspective. And the smallmouth Bass fishery has absolutely exploded with their new Goby forage. They have always been present in good numbers and size, but recent years have seemingly increased in both areas. The past few years have kicked out some of the biggest tournament bags in lake history pushing 25lbs. That sort of weight is not typical of an inland lake like this.

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Time for Some Mass Yak Fishing

posted on August 23, 2016
nick g 002 Time for Some Mass Yak Fishing

Since I have been doing this blog, I am constantly impressed with the knowledge of my fellow fishermen in the Northeast. I reached out to Massachusetts fisherman, Nick G. This interview lays out Nick's take on kayak fishing in Massachusetts as well as a review of the Wilderness System Ride 115x Max.

GFN: You are a Massachusetts kayak bass fisherman. Why do you enjoy kayak fishing?

I grew up in Western MA in a small town, Adams, in the middle of nowhere. I spent a lot of time out in the woods and just in nature in general, mainly trout fishing in rivers and brooks. After moving to Waltham, Massachusetts I had to keep connected to my roots and the best way to accomplish that with less wood and river access was grab a kayak and throw it in the Charles River. That's when I got hooked.

GFN: What kayak are you fishing out of?

I just got a new Wilderness Systems Ride 115x Max at the beginning of this season, but prior to that I was on a Field & Stream Eagle Talon 12' which is a great sit on top for anyone starting out, can't quite stand on it, I can't anyway, but a great fishing kayak for a good price to get you onto the water.

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Lions and Tigers, and Snakeheads, Oh My!

posted on August 22, 2016
nj mikey 001 Lions and Tigers and Snakeheads Oh My!

When I first started this site, I did not envision myself interviewing someone about Snakeheads. That is before I met Michael Cowley (@njmikey_) on Instagram. I noticed he catches lots of Snakeheads and seems to enjoy doing it. I knew I had to reach out for an interview, and I am so grateful he was willing to do it. We also got his take on his new very sweet kayak, Feelfree Lure. I learned a lot and am sure you will also.

GFN: You fish for snakehead. I have never caught one. And I can't say they are on my bucketlist to catch. They are ugly. Why should I reconsider and fish for snakeheads? Why do you target them?

The challenge. I've only been fishing for snakehead for a few months now, and I have to say they are definitely the most challenging freshwater fish I've come across so far.

As bad and "aggressive" (misunderstood) of a reputation they have, snakeheads are actually fairly difficult to catch. And once you do get them to bite, you better make sure that hook set is good. They have boney mouths that are difficult to pierce which results in them often coming off the hook. It really keeps you on your toes the whole way through on top of the strong fight and thrashing they come with.

Another thing that attracts me to snakehead fishing is size. Out of the 6 snakeheads I've caught so far, the smallest I've caught weighed in at 2lbs 14oz. The rest have averaged around 5-6lbs with my biggest being 6lbs 10oz. It's almost impossible catch 5-6lbs bass on average, at least here in New Jersey. Snakeheads grow very quickly so it is actually quite common to run into lunkers.

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The Man Behind The Mask: It's Mr. Jamie Bragg

posted on August 19, 2016
jamie bragg 02 The Man Behind The Mask: It's Mr. Jamie Bragg

I spotted Jamie on Twitter holding a nice tournament bag of Rice Lake bass. I reached out to this young Ontario angler and he kindly answered a few questions. Get to know Jamie, the companies he reps and the waters he fishes.

GFN: First of all, your Instagram, Twitter and YouTube all show that you love fishing. Where did your passion for the sport come from?

Fishing has always been a big thing in my life, from when I was young we always had a boat and were fishing. The challenge of figuring out how to catch them every time you are out is something that I really enjoy.

GFN: You are on field staff for three unique companies, Fear Fishing, Simple Fishing Storage and Fish Bud. What can you tell us about each of those companies?

I am fortunate to be involved with each of one of these amazing companies. What they do for the fishing community is awesome and I love being apart of it.

Fear Fishing which is owned by Ian West is an apparel company which sells performance fishing apparel to keep you looking great on the water. From hats to UV protection they have it all. Fear Fishing also has a live webcast on YouTube where they have had Bassmaster Elite pros, fishing industry people as well as local and Canadian fishermen. Ian is a huge advocate for the sport and is always looking to promote fishing and the community.

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Like Father, Like Son: Interview with Tyler

posted on August 18, 2016
tyler harper 001 Like Father Like Son: Interview with Tyler

After finishing the interview with Canuck Bassin's Chris Harper, he, with lots of dad pride, said "My son Tyler has been my fishing partner since he was 4 and is one hell of an angler." My response was immediate "Does Tyler want to do an interview?"

Go Fishing Now is all about learning from each other about fishing all across the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada. Finding opportunities to learn from and be inspired by fishermen, of all ages, is what we do. So, I was honored that Tyler was willing to discuss his Ontario fishing with us and ended up very impressed with this young man's passion for fishing. Here is what Tyler had to say.

GFN: At what age did you start fishing? What are your earliest memories of fishing?

I was about 4 years old when I started fishing. I remember having a small rope tied to my rod for the first few times I went. I think my dad was worried I may lose a monster.

I remember fishing from my grandma's dock with plastic worms looking for largemouth. I remember how much I hated using tube jigs because I got snagged in fast water and busted a rod under the boat faster than I could tell my dad I was stuck. But now I love using tubes.

I remember working on our first boat, making it better and making some repairs from the seasons before. I remember my dad would let me skip class on nice days or near the end of the season, to go fishing while my friends had to go to school for the day. I remember learning how to tie fishing knots before I learned how to tie my shoes...Actually, my dad showed me how to tie a few fishing knots and then showed me that tying my shoes was almost the same.

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Canoe or Kayak: Interview with Appomattox River Company

posted on August 17, 2016
appomattox river company 002 Canoe or Kayak: Interview with Appomattox River Company

I keep wanting a kayak. Tons of research constantly has my head buzzing about whether to get a kayak or stick with my trusty Old Town canoe. I decided to get in contact with a company that I have been told is a fantastic kayak and canoe shop in Farmville, Virginia, Appomattox River Company. Vince from the Company shared his perspective between canoes and kayaks, as well as some advice of what I need if I buy that first kayak. Here is what he had to say.

GFN: Appomattox River Company has been in business since 1977. I am sure it has been part of the trend from canoes to kayaks as the preferred fishing vessel for paddlers. Personally, I am still a canoe guy. Why should canoe guys like me consider a kayak for fishing?

We all grew up fishing out of canoes, and they are still great for packing and hauling kids, gear, etc. We started as a canoe retailer and remain one of the largest specialty retailers out there. Canoes, and family canoe trips, get at the very heart of what we have always been about. There are even new companies sprouting up, like Wingman Outfitters, out of Roanoke Virginia, who are designing outrigger style platforms to turn your river canoe into a ridiculously stable fishing platform.

That said, today's fishing kayaks are designed to offer the angler an almost infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to rigging out your fishing vessel. There are innovations popping up on the daily in the kayak fishing world. So, the selling point of a fishing kayak comes down to the ease of rigging. There is also something to be said for the comfort of the camp chair style seating and the stability in most of today's fishing kayaks as well.

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Sunshine of Chuckles, Chortles and Heartfelt Guffaws

paul deangelo 005 Sunshine of Chuckles Chortles and Heartfelt Guffaws

It is rare to find talented and skilled humor writers (or "humour writers" as I soon will be corrected in this interview for my US biased spelling of the word). When I first started reading Toronto's Paul D'Angelo's blog, Wilderness Paul, I instantly became absorbed in the quality of his writing and the wit he instills in each of his stories. Paul was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions. Here are his responses.

GFN: You started your blog back in March, and it is extremely unique to other fishing writing. You remind me in many positive ways of an outdoor writer I have always enjoyed, Patrick McManus. Why start a blog and why focus on humor?

I started the blog at the urging of a friend named Tom Boduch. Tom thought that the writing I had done for Canadian outdoor magazines deserved a wider audience. Only took him a decade or so to convince me, but it's actually been a lot of fun to do.

By the way, if you have laughed even once at one of my tales, please send your cash or certified cheques to...

Not every story I write is comedic in nature, of course, but most are. Humor, or HUMOUR as we know it in Canada, writing has just always come naturally to me.

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Interview with The Mad Basser of Virginia

posted on August 16, 2016
larry harrell 002 Interview with The Mad Basser of Virginia

We had a chance to discuss fishing with Virginia's The Mad Basser (aka Larry Harrell). We discuss a little bit of everything fishing. Enjoy.

GFN: You appear to be a Virginia bass guy but one of your recent photos is of an over 11lb Bowfin that you caught on a senko. Did you think you had the State Record bass at first? How was the battle?

I actually made that exact comment to my fishing partner, lol, "either I have the state record bass or a giant bowfin." Turns out it was an 11 pound Bowfin. I caught it on light line (8lb) using a wacky rigged senko. So the fight was unreal, these fish are so very strong. They dig so hard it honestly was one of the best fights from a fish I've ever experienced.

GFN: Now what is your personal best Largemouth? What's the story behind the catch?

My personal best Largemouth officially is 5 pounds 4 ounces. However I may or may not have beaten that last year in April. I'm not sure because I didn't have a scale at that time. So we will say the 5 pounder is my PB.

It was caught at Lake Cohoon in Suffolk, Virginia in August. Very hot sunny day. I don't recall even a breeze of any kind. The water was pretty calm. I was throwing a Rebel Magnum Pop-R along a grass line if memory serves me correctly. The color was Sexy Momma, my fav. I was working it very slowly twitch, twitch, pause...twitch, twitch, twitch, pause. Pausing for somewhere around 10 or 15 seconds between twitching. She absolutely slammed that Pop-R! Not only was that fish my PB but it was my first topwater blow up as well! My buddy was screaming for me to set the hook...lol...as I was in shock of sorts .

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Bass Fishing in RI: Interview with Night Owl Charters

night owl charters 004 Bass Fishing in RI: Interview with Night Owl Charters

Examine a fishing guide list for Rhode Island, and you will find a lot of saltwater guides. But you won't find many guides that fish for bass in the State's inland waters. We found one, and he's a good one. Curt owns and operates Night Owl Charters and fishes for bass in not only Rhode Island but also Connecticut. We had a chance to ask Curt a few questions, and he was grateful to give us some input on fishing his area waters.

GFN: There aren't a ton of Rhode Island freshwater fishing guides, when did you start guiding and why Rhode Island?

You're right. Most of the guides in RI are for saltwater. I actually started guiding way back in the late 1990s. I didn't put much time into promoting it back then, but I did get a trip or two every now and then.

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Fishing in Perspective

posted on August 12, 2016
dave cook 005 Fishing in Perspective

So grateful that Ontario's Dave C took some time from fishing on his family vacation to talk about a number of different topics. The one, and perhaps the most important, is his reminder about proper sun protection for everyone who gets out on the water. Here is what he shared.

GFN: You lead your Twitter profile with "Fighter of Melanoma". Do you mind sharing what that is all about?

I was first diagnosed with advanced melanoma in January 2014. An abnormal mole on my knee was biopsied at the urging of my wife and the results confirmed cancer. I've been through 3 surgeries and 2 different forms of treatment since. I can't say enough about the great support I've had and continue to receive. That goes a long way in keeping the mental strength up. I'm not sure what the future holds but I just live life and try not to dwell on things as much. Fishing is a big part of the escape.

GFN: Fishing has come along way in sun protection outdoor gear. What gear do you use when out fishing?

Obviously, sun protection gear has become a big part of my life. Anyone spending time outdoors should have some form of outdoor wear to protect themselves. I wear Skoll Gear hats, shirts and neck/face protection whenever I'm spending time on the water, whether sunny or cloudy. Most people don't realize that the suns rays penetrate the cloud layer, so sunburn is still a risk on overcast days. I love Skoll Gear because it's Canadian owned and operated, lightweight and comfortable, moisture wicking and comes at a great price point compared to other companies offerings. Owners Shelley and Keith Langley understand what people are looking for when it comes to modern sun protection and have been affected by cancer in their own family.

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Whiskey, Beer and Bass Canadian Style

posted on August 11, 2016
yakfisher 001 Whiskey Beer and Bass Canadian Style

I recently caught up with Yakfisher to discuss some Canadian Whiskey, Beer and Bass Fishing. Here is the result of our discussion.

GFN: Let's start with the important stuff. Favorite Canadian Whiskey and why?

My favorite Canadian Whiskey is Spicebox. It is smooth with a little bite finish.

GFN: Favorite Canadian beer?

Favorite Canadian Beer is Mill Street Organic, flavorful and natural.

GFN: Now that we have that out of the way, lets talk fishing. Why kayak fishing?

I originally started kayaking while recovering from knee replacement surgery. Haven't stopped since. Loving it.

Kayak fishing offers accessibility to good fishing spots not reachable by boat. Glide over weeds. Great for quiet time on the water. Water level fishing action...a total rush.

GFN: Tell us about your Old Town Kayak. What features do you like about it? What features do you wish it had? Would you recommend to it a friend?

Old Town XL is user friendly, super comfortable seat, roomy, very stable, many different rigging options. I would love to see a built in cooler for drinks. Hydration is key out on the water. I would totally recommend this kayak for the fisherman/woman.

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Smallmouth Bass on the Susquehanna with Eric

posted on August 10, 2016
eric donnelly 01 Smallmouth Bass on the Susquehanna with Eric

Eric is practically a neighbor. Actually he lives about 60 miles from me here in Pennsylvania, but we share a love of fishing the Susquehanna River for Smallmouth Bass. Judging by his photos, I think he is a bit more successful than I typically am, though.

My philosophy is when you find fishermen who catch more fish than you, learn from them. In this interview we do just that. We learn about his perspective on the condition of the River, some of his favorite lures and his new venture into tournament fishing.

GFN: Eric, you are from Selinsgrove Pennsylvania which puts you very near the Susquehanna River. How often do you get to fish the Susquehanna? And what do you like most about the fishery?

I fish the Susquehanna River about 4 or 5 times a week. This area is unique because of the Adam T. Bower Memorial Dam, which is actually the longest inflatable dam in the world. I like that the dam makes almost two completely different fisheries above the dam and below the dam. Above the dam is what is called Lake Augusta, where you can boat up the west branch or the north branch. Below the dam is more shallow and faster moving water.

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Huntin' Hawgs on the St Lawrence River with Canuck Bassin

canuck bassin 002 Huntin' Hawgs on the St Lawrence River with Canuck Bassin

The Canuck Bassin' Twitter Profile leads with "Huntin Hawgs in the St Lawrence River Region". I love the St Lawrence River and have fished it a number of times. I thought I knew a fair bit about fishing it. That is until I interviewed Chris Harper of Canuck Bassin.

This guys so knows this water and has the fish photos to prove it. Hawg Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass fill his stellar photo gallery. Learn all about Chris and his fishing right here.

And then after you view his photo gallery and read this fantastic interview, we have one more surprise for you. So keep reading all the way to the end...

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Interview with Writer and Fisherman Bruce Edward Litton

posted on August 8, 2016
bruce litton 001 Interview with Writer and Fisherman Bruce Edward Litton

It was my absolute pleasure to have Writer and New Jersey fisherman Bruce Edward Litton discuss his writing, fishing, and photography for Go Fishing Now. After reading his blog, Litton's Fishing Lines, I quickly realized the writing talent of Bruce as he brilliantly wove together his fishing adventures with observations of life and people. To say Litton's Fishing Lines is not your average fishing blog is a complete understatement. If you are only interested in the exact how-to's on the latest fishing techniques, this may not be your favorite read. But if you are like me and can get lost in time reading and learning from someone who writes at a different level than most of us, I can't recommend Bruce's blog enough. He is truly a brilliant writer and his works make for interesting, captivating and thought provoking reading.

GFN: How would you describe your personal approach to outdoor writing?

I began writing for various publications on fishing at 16, reading every outdoor publication I could find from age 13. I got published for two years and gave it up, pursuing a literary career instead, harvesting clams at the Jersey Shore’s Long Beach Island to make a self-employed living more and less for 13 years while studying, and writing in numerous notebooks. When I returned to the mainland--the great American mainstream--I had no college degree, no regular employment history, just about nothing but my Social Security number.

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Bass Fishing The Kawarthas with Bobby Belmonte

posted on August 5, 2016
bobby belmonte 001 Bass Fishing The Kawarthas with Bobby Belmonte

Rice Lake and all of the lakes in the Kawartha's Region of Ontario are very popular fishing destinations. Bass fishing is one of the main factors that makes this part of Ontario a top choice when considering a fishing trip destination. Bobby Belmonte fishes this area and by the looks of his Instagram account has figured out how to fish lakes like Rice Lake and Katchewanooka Lake with consistent success. He shares some of the secrets behind his success with us right here.

GFN: What have been the highlights of your 2016 fishing season so far?

So far I was really pleased with the walleye season I had. Every outing i was able to find a good amount of fish and by the time bass was ready to open I had caught several trophy fish mainly in Rice Lake. Also just recently had a few really good days bass fishing and I am finding I'm getting more and more big bites as the season progresses. Tournaments haven't been the greatest this year but that's fishing for ya and could change any week.

GFN: Your Instagram page is a multi-species bonanza. What is your favorite species to target and why?

My favourite species without a doubt is bass; I can't decide between Largies or smallies because I tend to target both every time I'm on the water during bass season, but I have always loved the techniques bass fishing offers along with the crazy fights they put on.

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Alex Takes The Win at Candlewood

posted on August 4, 2016
alex w 001 Alex Takes The Win at Candlewood

Want an idea of how to fish Candlewood Lake in Connecticut? Then why not ask a tournament winner? That is just what we did by talking to Alex Wetherell. Alex is a young accomplished tournament fisherman who recently added a win on Candlewood to his resume. Here is what he had to say about a day on Candlewood...

GFN: What was your winning weight at the Candlewood Tournament? And what was your biggest fish?

The winning weight for the Candlewood tournament was 13.3lbs and my big fish was a little over 3lbs. All of my fish were 2.75-3.25lbs

GFN: What was your strategy going into the tournament and how did that play out throughout the day?

My strategy going into the tournament was I knew that the past few weeks the lake had been fishing pretty tough based on other tournament results and friends who were fishing the lake. The other factor I had to consider was the time of year. Usually July and August are the busiest times of the year on the lake with pleasure boaters, especially on the weekends, so fishing offshore and deep water becomes very difficult with all the boat traffic.

With that in mind I decided that flipping would be the best option if the bites were hard to come by and the shallower grass wouldn't have nearly as much boat traffic as offshore spots.

Flipping would also give me the best shot at 5 quality fish and hopefully a 5+lb kicker.

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Interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors

posted on August 4, 2016
greg perrault 001 Interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors

This interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors' Greg Perreault covers a bit of everything on New England fishing. We hit his favorite places to wet a line in Massachusetts; his recent bass fishing trip to Maine; a review of Lakeside Hotel and Cabins on Cobbosseecontee Lake; information about a great competitive bass fishing organization; and his YouTube Vlogs. So start reading and enjoy.

GFN: One of the things that I absolutely love about your videos is that every time I watch one, I feel like I am sitting there chillin' with a friend talking fishing. What got you into doing videos? And why that format?

What got me into making videos was me just watching other YouTube videos to be honest. 2 years ago I wanted to learn different techniques for fishing deep water. Also what kind of lures were best for deep water. So I spent all winter watching and learning these styles on YouTube. Some guys I liked a lot and some I wasn't too fond of. But one big thing that came out of it was it helped me tremendously in that style. So I decided to make videos of my own to help people out. There's not a better feeling than when you help another angler out in some way or another. And a lot of fishing comes down to opinion, so I figure might as well put my two cents in.

And I owe a lot of credit to tacklejunky81 on YouTube for the way I do my videos. He told me to just be myself and try to be different, that's what will bring more and new viewers to your page. So I try and keep it real. No editing and keep it raw. What you see is what you get.

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Who Fishes The 304? These Guys Do.

posted on August 3, 2016
304 outdoors 002 Who Fishes The 304? These Guys Do.

I recently had the chance to fire some questions at the guys from 304 Outdoors. These guys have a passion for fishing West Virginia that definitely shows as they discuss their trout and bass fishing in the Mountain State.

GFN: Tre and Dustin, we need start with the obvious question. Who is the better fisherman? Haha. Seriously, what are each of your strongest fishing skills?

Dustin really knows how to read a river. What I mean by that is that he knows where the fish are going to be and he has been fishing some of these waters so long that he knows them like the back of his hand. Dustin knows how to read the depth better than anyone and can determine what shelf of the water table those fish are at accurately. This always gives him a great chance in producing a lot of fish on a daily basis.

Tre’s persistent and is very good at a spot and stalk fishing technique. He loves the challenge of targeting a certain fish and finding what they’re wanting. He is also very good at knowing what the fish are targeting on that time of year and time of day. He studies the fish and pays close attention to what’s going on above the water and below.

GFN: When did you each start fishing and what got you into fishing to the level you are at now?

Dustin: I started fishing before I think I could walk...haha. Just kidding, but I believe all aspects of fishing was started at a very young age. My grandpa always took me out to the river or on the boat. I fell in love with the outdoors and never looked back honestly.

Tre: I started fishing in my backyard on the South Branch of the Potomac back when I was 8 or so. I really taught myself how to fish. I can remember riding my bike down the road to the local gas station just to get worms for the day. I’d spend countless hours fishing and taking in how blessed I was to be doing this. We can both agree it’s not all about catching the fish for us, but just enjoying what’s in our backyard. We grew up in the woods or in the middle of a stream. Not because we were forced, but because we wanted to be there and experiencing it with our family members. Yet, now we get to share it together and make memories that will last us forever.

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The Bald Bearded Basser from Daniels West Virginia

posted on August 2, 2016
tim w 001 The Bald Bearded Basser from Daniels West Virginia

There are people that you can just tell, without even meeting them, that they would be fun to fish with. I thought that instantly after checking out The Bald Bearded Basser, also known as Tim White. After this interview, I know I would not only have a blast fishing with this young man from Daniels, West Virginia but would also learn a thing or two about catching big largemouth. Tim provides lots of great information about his fishing as well as some of his favorite products. Plus, Tim has one of the craziest big bass stories ever!

GFN: Tim, you are from Daniels, West Virginia which is in the southern part of the Mountain State. What are some of your favorite waters in southern West Virginia?

My favorite water to fish here in Southern WV is Plum Orchard Lake. It's a small lake, but only 30 minutes from my house. It is also a fishing only lake. It's a beautiful body of water completely filled with lily pads and nice largemouth. It is frog fishing heaven! Bluestone Lake and the New River round out my top 3. You never know what you're going to reel in on these two fisheries.

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Why Andrew D Loves Rice Lake Fishing And So Should You

posted on August 1, 2016
andrew dayman 007 Why Andrew D Loves Rice Lake Fishing And So Should You

We found on Twitter a guy, Andrew D, who loves to fish Rice Lake in Ontario. Here are all the reasons why.

GFN: How long have you been fishing Rice Lake?

I have been fishing Rice Lake since I was a little kid. I have some great memories of summer evenings sitting by the water and waiting for that red and white bobber to get pulled under. It is a lake that has always kept me coming back, as the potential for big fish and numbers of fish is always high.

GFN: What is your favorite thing about fishing this Lake?

I think my favourite thing about fishing Rice is the variety of species and the number of quality fish you can find. With smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, black crappie, jumbo perch, sunfish, trophy musky and sizable common carp, Rice Lake is an ideal lake for anyone chasing warm water gamefish. Most of the species can be found in abundance and in almost every corner of the lake.

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Getting to Know Instagram's a_n_fishing

posted on July 29, 2016
a_n_fishing 002 Getting to Know Instagram's a_n_fishing

We first discovered a_n_Fishing, also known as Anthony N. when we noticed big trout after big trout coming from Pennsylvania trout streams. Turns out this young man can catch some big largemouth bass as well. So, we were glad to get a chance to do this interview and get to know him a bit. Here is what we learned about this talented fisherman and his favorite trout and bass waters.

GFN: From your posts, I see that you are from Northwestern PA. What are your favorite waters to fish in your area?

I actually just moved to Erie PA. I grew up and learned to fish in Easton PA. In Erie, my favorite waters are the Lake Erie Coastline (usually near creek mouths) and Walnut Creek for Steelhead. Back in Easton my home water is Bushkill Creek and I also frequent the Musky River in NJ.

GFN: How is your fishing season going so far?

My trout season was killer I probably landed 30 fish over the 20'' mark. I only kept 3 trout all season. One was a contest winner, the other two were ones that I couldn't revive. Bass season has been good for me. It has been tougher since the move, trying to find the best waters in my new area.

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Review of Rideout's Lodge in Maine from Rich M

posted on July 28, 2016
rich m rideouts 001 Review of Rideout's Lodge in Maine from Rich M

Thank you Rich M for providing this review of Rideout's Lodge in Maine. He has been going to the Lodge 12 out of the last 14 years and has a lot of insight to share for anyone considering a trip to Rideout's.

GFN: You have fished Rideout’s the last 12 out of 14 years, why do you keep going back?

We keep going back to Rideouts because it is easy to get to, the service and accommodations are excellent, the lake is beautiful, and the fishing is great.

GFN: What species of fish do you mainly target and what advice do you have for catching them?

We target smallmouth bass in mid to late June. Recently we have fished in mid-June during the peak spawn and look for beds where there is a mixture of smaller and big stones in an area that is protected. In later June and early July when there are more post spawn fish we'll also fish rock piles, boulder areas, and points. We catch the biggest fish during the peak spawn, but have caught the most fish in late June and early July. We have had several 100+ fish days. We have caught some salmon by accident and occasionally fish for Brook trout near the dock in the evening.

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Fishing and Fine Beer in New Hampshire with Sam L

posted on July 27, 2016
Sam L 001 Fishing and Fine Beer in New Hampshire with Sam L

I love fishing and enjoy fine beer. When someone combines these two on their Instagram page, they are a must interview for Go Fishing Now. Sam L is a New Hampshire fisherman who posts his fishing adventures and also the new beers he is tasting. If you have the same passion for fishing and appreciation of quality beer as Sam and I, his Instagram feed is a must follow.

Here is my discussion with Sam L.

GFN: What I noticed when first looking at your Instagram page is that we share a love of both fishing and beer. I think we'll start with the fishing but I am definitely going to save a question or two for your tastes in beer. What are your favorite New Hampshire waters to fish and why?

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk about a few things I love to do, fishing and drinking a cold brew. There are so many different bodies of water that hold many different kinds of fish in New Hampshire. For me I love to fish small lakes and ponds. There's less traffic on smaller bodies of water which makes being on a kayak much easier. I try to target places where its kind of off the beaten path. Places like these really give you an appreciation of nature. Some of my favorite New Hampshire bodies to fish on are Ayers Lake (Pond), Pawtuckaway Lake, Lake Sunapee, Merrymeeting Lake and a few secret spots I like to keep to myself.

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rsz_1susquehanna river fishing with robbie 002 Susquehanna River Fishing with Robbie

Susquehanna River Fishing with Robbie

posted on July 25, 2016

Being a Pennsylvania guy that lives near the Susquehanna River, I began following Robbie on Twitter due to the impressive Susky catches being Tweeted. Robbie agreed to share a bit more about his fishing. You can also check out his Twitter feed to keep up with his most recent catches.

GFN: It looks like you fish the Susquehanna River a lot. What section of the river do you fish?

I fish the North branch of the Susky. I am on PA/ NY border so I fish both on the Susquehanna.

GFN: Why do you like fishing the Susquehanna?

I love moving water and the fight of smallmouth and the bonus occasional musky plus it's 5 minutes from my house.

GFN: What advice do you have for anyone who has never fished the Susquehanna?

Fish current breaks outside of creeks coming into river and rock edges that are semi-deep.

GFN: You post some very impressive photos of smallmouth bass, what makes you a good bass fisherman?

Patience is the biggest thing. You get snagged a lot but it makes it worth it when you can find decent fish daily.

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